20 questions biology


1) Proteins are composed of chains of _____________ which are joined together with peptide bonds.A)fatty acidsB)amino acidsC)nucleic acidsD)monosaccharides2) Channels within the structure of the cell membrane are composed ofA)carbohydrates.B)disaccharides.C)phospholipids.D)proteins.3) The central vacuole in a plant cell is responsible for turgor pressure. When the vacuole loses water the cytoplasm “shrinks”. When the vacuole gains water the cytoplasm seems to “puff up”. One structure helps the plant cell keep its shape no matter how much water is in the vacuole. This is theA)cell wall.B)cytoplasm.C)cytoskeleton.D)cell membrane.4) Proteins areA)built in the nucleus by DNA and transported to the ribosomes.B)converted from nucleic acids to amino acids in the nucleolus.C)produced in the lysosomes and transported out of the cell by vacuoles.D)transported to other parts of the cell by the endoplasmic reticulum from ribosomes.5) The organelle identified in the picture as #10 helps the cell maintain homeostasis in what way? This organelle is the smallerwhite circularly shaped organelle found in the top middle of the image.A)aids the cell in movementB)produces energy for cellular processesC)houses the cell’s DNA for reproductionD)storage of needed components or cellular waste6) Aquatic salamanders and tadpoles obtain oxygen from water when it passes over the gill filaments.Which condition would lead to maximum absorption of O2 by the gills?A)low oxygen in the water, low oxygen in the bloodB)low oxygen in the water, high oxygen in the bloodC)high oxygen in the water, low oxygen in the bloodD)high oxgyen in the water, high oxygen in the blood7)Cell OrganellesOrganelle/PartWhere foundFunctionCell membraneAll cellsSupport Protection Controls movement of materials in/out of cell Barrier between cell and its environment Maintains homeostasisCell wallPlant, Fungi, & Bacteria,Support (grow tall) ProtectionCytoplasmAll cellsSupports and protects cell organellesNucleusAll cells except prokaryotesControls cell activities Contains the hereditary material of the cellMitochondriaAll cells except prokaryotesSite of aerobic cellular respirationRibosomeAll cellsSite of protein synthesisChlorplastPlant cells, some prokaryotesSite of photosynthesisVacuolePlant and animal cellsStore food, water, metabolic & toxic wastes Store large amounts of food or sugars in plantsLysosomeCommon in animal cellsBreaks down larger food molecules into smaller molecules Digests old cell partsFlagellaSome bacteria, protists, and animal cellsMovement You are running on the school’s cross country team. We would expect your muscle cells to contain many ____________ to produce cellular energy.A)lysosomesB)mitochondriaC)nucleiD)ribosomes8) Transport of materials into a cell against a concentration gradient, from low to high, requiresA)water.B)energy.C)osmosis.D)a passageway.9) Which of these organic molecules functions to help speed up biological chemical reactions?A)lipidsB)proteinsC)nucleic acidsD)carbohydrates10) A ___________ chain is a sequence of amino acids that is the foundation for the basic structure of a protein.A)polynomialB)polypeptideC)polysaccharideD)polyunsaturated11) Which compound is a reusable, complex protein that speeds up chemical reactions?A)starchB)a sugarC)a lipidD)an enzyme12)The diagrams show different stages of cell division in the somatic cells of a plant. The stages are not shown in order.  Which statement correctly lists the order of the stages?A)P, R, QB)Q, R, PC)R, P, QD)P, Q, R13) The picture shows an experimental set up for the process of osmosis.The potato has a cavity on top, as shown in the picture. Some sugar solution is poured into the cavity and the potato is placed in a beaker of water. After some time, it is observed that there is a rise in the level of liquid in the cavity. This confirms thatA)water from the beaker has moved into the cavity.B)sugar has moved out of the sugar solution in the cavity.C)the sugar solution in the cavity has become more concentrated.D)there is equilibrium between the liquids in the beaker and the cavity.14) The process of _____________ is modeled in the plant cell diagrams seen here.A)osmosisB)tonicityC)active transportD)facilitated transport15)Characteristics of RNAStudentDeoxyriboseRiboseThymineUracilStudent 1NoYesNoYesStudent 2YesNoNoYesStudent 3NoYesYesYesStudent 4YesNoYesNo Four students are asked to list characteristics of RNA in a table as part of an assignment. Which student listed the characteristics correctly?A)student 1B)student 2C)student 3D)student 416) What is the function of a cell’s selectively permeable plasma membrane?A)It helps the cell to manufacture proteins.B)It regulates the amount of ATP the cell produces.C)It regulates what materials enter and leave the cell.D)It packages and stores most of the material in a cell.17)Cell Type Dichotomous Key1a cell has a nucleus and organelles → go to # 21b cell has no nucleus or organelles → bacterial cell2a cell has a cell wall → go to # 32b cell has no cell wall → animal cell3a cell has chloroplasts → plant cell3b cell has no chloroplasts → fungal cell What type of cell is C?A)animalB)bacterialC)fungalD)plant18) Bacteria cells have noA)nuclei.B)cell membrane.C)reproductive means.D)method of locomotion.19) ___________ can be used by cells to store energy, form biological membranes, and serve as chemical messengers.A)CarbohydratesB)FructoseC)GlucoseD)Lipids20) In cells, the production of proteins is handled by the ribosomes and endoplasmic reticulum, while the processing and packaging of proteins is handled by the _________ body.A)GolgiB)nuclearC)plastidD)cytoplasmicEliminate

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