Are children smarter because of the internet, Make a powerpoint homework help


1) Are children smarter because of the internet?2) Does the internet make for more engaged citizens?3) Do you think it can help you know more about your government?


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Are children smarter because of the internet, Make a powerpoint homework help
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Translation & Interpreting
Spring 2016
Assignment Guidelines
Research Presentation
These guidelines are posted in the Syllabus & Course Basics module (D2L).
The research presentation accounts for 15% of the final grade in Translation 201.
 Schedule for research presentations:
April 28 (Th)
Jenna Busha, Nate Collier, Jinglu Hong, Rachel Robinson
May 3 (T)
Krist Schubilske, Spencer Nelsen, Celeste Hoff, Amy Sorenson
May 5 (Th)
Jakob Horsley, Alana Skellett, Annie Voith, Alex Frane
May 10 (T)
Gabe Alonzo, Amy Beilke, Annah Peterson, Abdul Alnamlah
The objectives of the presentation are to:
 discuss the status of your research project
 make connections between our course topics and your research questions
 get audience input to help with the final stages of your research (paper due May 17)
Part 1  Substance of Presentation
Your presentation should include discussion of topics listed below.
These criteria will be used to evaluate the substance of your presentation:
 Your research question(s): What questions do you seek to answer with your research project?
Give any basic background information we might need about the topic and briefly explain why you
chose it for this project.
 Relevance of your research to course topics: How are these questions related to one or more
course topics? (e.g., globalization, immigration, intercultural communication, translation or
 3-5 elements of information/resources/data you have found so far.
Be selective; choose the most compelling information instead of summarizing all your sources.
 Your thesis statement: Since you are presenting before your paper is finished, it’s understood that
your thesis may change before the paper is submitted. The thesis statement should help your
audience to predict the major points you will use to structure your paper.
 What are the next steps in your research/writing process?
If there are other aspects of your research you’d like to discuss, please do. You are not limited to
speaking exclusively about the topics listed above.
Guidelines for Presentation
Rev 4.5.16
Part 2  Format of Presentation
Length of presentation: 15 minutes
 E-mail me your presentation before class.
Please e-mail me your presentation no later than 4:30 pm on your presentation date.
 Bring a paper copy of your slides to class.
Please give me one copy your slides before your presentation. I will use this copy to take notes and
grade your presentation.
These criteria will be used to evaluate the format of your presentation:
Format  If you use PowerPoint, your presentation should include a minimum of 8 slides. If you prefer
not to use PowerPoint, discuss with me your preferred method for including a visual component.
Word limit  No slide should have more than 75 words. Putting too much text on a slide increases the
temptation to read from it, which will hurt your grade for delivery (see below). PowerPoint should not
be used as a teleprompter. Talking with us about your research in your own words will make you a
more audience-focused and compelling presenter.
Use quotations sparingly  If quotations make up more than 30% of your text, you are not using your
own words. Cite key points from your sources, but please use your own language. You will have to do
this in your paper, so authoring your own text now will save you time later.
Citations  If your PowerPoint includes words that someone else has written, you must put these
words in quotation marks. All quotes require MLA source citations at the bottom of the slide.
Plagiarism on a PowerPoint slide is still plagiarism. Be careful when citing information from your sources.
Part 3  Delivery of Presentation
This is a workshop presentation. The purpose is to teach us about your topic and discuss the substance
of your research, not to practice oration.
Adopt a professional tone to tell us about your research, using your natural mode of speaking in class.
Do your best to be concise and focused, but don’t worry about the formality of your speech.
These criteria will be used to evaluate the delivery of your presentation:
 demonstrating that you’ve prepared for the presentation
 speaking in your own words (instead of reading from slides/notes)
Audience engagement
 inviting questions/input from the audience
 responding to questions/input from the audience
Running head: THE INTERNET
The Internet
The Internet
The Internet
The internet is like a big interconnected world which connects people, communities and
countries, with this in mind, it cannot have a specific definition. It is whatever we make it.
According to the business dictionary, it is a means of connecting a computer to any other
computer anywhere in the world via dedicated routers and servers. (Business dictionary). The
internet was the result of some visionary thinking by people in the early 1960s that saw great
potential value in allowing computers to share information on research and development in
scientific and military fields. It was designed to provide a communications network that would
work even if some of the major sites were down. The early internet was used by computer
experts, engineers, scientists and librarians. (Howe, 2016)
With the internet being a global communication network in a multi-linguistic world, it
has made it even easier to communicate without language barriers. One can change the language
settings to be able to understand information in the internet and to communicate with others
easily. Mass media and education may overcome barriers to communication that would
otherwise lead to lack of intelligibility on account of structural linguistic differences (Paolillo,, p.5)
Are children smarter because of the internet?
Psychologists are only beginning to answer that question, but a study led by Michigan State
University psychologist Linda Jackson, PhD, showed that home internet use improved
standardized reading test scores. Other researchers have found that having the internet at home
encourages children to be more self-directed learners. The positive effects of internet use appear
especially pronounced among poor children, say researchers. Unfortunately, these children are
The Internet
also not likely to have home computers, which some experts say may put them at a disadvantage
(Packard, 2007). The internet has made children smarter because they always have new sources
of information on just about anything. The internet provides information on anything under the
sun. the use of wireless internet has facilitated this further.
Children of all ages in this century have been found to possess phones and laptops. The
internet is fed with millions pieces of information every passing second. This increases their
knowledge to a large scale; however, it can affect their problem solving skills since the internet
provides ready answers. However, it can also affect their focus since there is so much
information thus they cannot limit to a particular source to give them all the relevant information
on a particular topic. It is all about weighing the pros and cons since the internet cannot be
completely discredited or credited.
More Engaged Senior Citizens
When the internet is easily accessible to citizens in a particular country it means they are
able to access information regarding their society and government easily and faster and are
therefore able to respond accordingly. Issues that they face are usually discussed, argued and
consulted upon mostly on social media platforms which are online. It promotes transparency and
efficiency in the government with its citizens especially in poor countries which are in dire need.
Networking is now crucial to scientific research and development efforts, many of which may
yield tangible economic benefit. The link between free flow of information and democracy
cannot be downplayed. (Sadowsky, 2016).
Youth who pursue their interests on the internet are more likely to be engaged in civic
and political issues, according to a new study of student internet usage by a group of civic
The Internet
learning scholars. Youth who use the internet are also more likely to be exposed to diverse
political viewpoints, the study shows; this is according to the MacArthur foundation (2011). The
internet has information on these fronts and even has online courses. E-learning is the future and
it is therefore a good sign when the youth take it upon themselves to pursue civic and political
However, it can bring about security breaches especially if it is highly sensitive data
which can expose a country’s security. There are naturally talented computer wizards who can
hack into high security websites, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website and find
information that is highly classified. This is a felony but people are continuously coming up with
ways to hide traces of evidence thus becomes tricky to find the captives. They should therefore
come up with ways to stop children that are younger than 18 from accessing these websites.
Know More about the Government
Yes, the internet can help me know a lot about my government. The internet has current
information and even newspapers have applications that are usable via phones or computers,
basically any gadget with the capability. Social media is also big on current issues and for
example, you can follow a politician on twitter and follow his every move. It has therefore
facilitated getting information on the government.
The internet also helps one to know more about the government through e-governance.
According to an article published by UNESCO, there are many definitions for e-governance one
being the performance of governance via the electronic medium. This is in order to facilitate an
efficient, speedy and transparent process of disseminating information to the public, and other
agencies, and for performing government administration activities (2005).
The Internet
Main target groups that can be distinguished in e-governance concepts are government,
citizens and businesses. It entails four types which are:
(a) Government- to-citizen (G2C):
It is the online non-commercial interaction between local and central government with private
individuals. The public can get services such as licenses, death/birth/marriage certificates etc. by
the government.
(b) Government-to-business (G2B):
It includes dissemination of policies, memos, rules and regulations.
(c) Government-to-employee (G2E):
It is the online non-commercial interaction between government organizations and government
employees. It includes provision of human resource training and development
(d) Government-to-government (G2G):
It is the online non-commercial interaction between government organizations, departments and
authorities. These services can be used as instruments of international relations and diplomacy.
The benefits involve expanded information flows between governments and citizens. In
addition, many citizens say the internet helps in conducting their business with government
(Horrigan, 2004). E-governance makes it possible accessibility to the governments, policies,
laws and regulations, development plans, for consumption by citizens. In return it helps the
government to be aware of what is going on with its citizens in terms of challenges they are
The Internet
facing and if they are benefitting from the state’s efforts. To expound on e-governance, the
following are the advantages and disadvantages:
Advantages of the Internet
1. It makes information on policies, laws and projects being carried out by government more
accessible to people. This is because there are websites that have information touching on the
2. It is more convenient when one is required to pay taxes and for other services provided by
government instead of physically going to pay. Gone are the days when people used to file
returns in hard copy and line up in banks to pay taxes and rates. The internet has made lives
easier fortunately.
3. It enables better communication between the government and the citizens on platforms such as
forums and blogs. Citizens even contribute to development and social agenda which they would
not have been privy of a long time ago.
4. It enables different governments to be able to brainstorm on ideas that will benefit the
countries especially on trade matters. They are able to lobby for beneficial trade tariffs even with
other leaders from other countries thus improving the economy. This also helps foster better
integration with their various countries.
The Internet
Disadvantages of the Internet
1. There is inequality in public access to the internet especially in the third world countries. This
is mostly because their governments are unable to fund the telecommunications. Their priorities
usually lie with meeting basic needs.
2. There is the risk of misinformation which can incite propaganda that can adversely affect both
the government and the citizens. This usually happens when many people are making
speculations sound like the gospel truth. This can cause unnecessary anxiety.
3. It can expose government data to unauthorized audience which could compromise its security
due to cybercrime. This also makes the citizens vulnerable especially if it exposes their personal
and financial data.
4. It could lead to lack of privacy of citizens as the government obtains more and more
information on them.
The internet in my opinion is an efficient tool, and if used efficiently can bring so much
good. I therefore urge the youth to find ways of improving on its strengths and working on its
weaknesses. With the rate the digital age is moving, I foresee much better advancements being
made on the internet and all related matters. But we should tread carefully because with more
information accessible, we are prone to more risks. Risks that could possibly affect an economy
include security risks and even on the social front such as cyberbullying, terrorism, and moral
erosion. Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent such.
The Internet
Dunne, Keiran J. and Elena S. Dunne, eds. “Managing International Teams.” Translation and
Localization Project Management. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011. ATA Scholarly
Monograph Series XVI. 198-199. Print.
Horrigan J. (May, 2004). Pew research center. How Americans get in touch with government.
Retrieved from
MacArthur Foundation (February, 2011). Does the internet make for more engaged citizens?
Retrieved from
Packard E. (November, 2007). It’s fun but does it make you smarter? Researchers find a
relationship between children’s internet use and academic performance. Retrieved from
Paolillo, John C. and Anupam Das. Evaluating Language Statistics: The Ethnologue and
Beyond. Montreal: UNESCO Institute for Statistics, 2006. Print.
Sadowsky G. (2016). On the internet. The internet society and Developing Countries. Retrieved
UNESCO (August, 2005). Defining E-governance. Retrieved from
The Internet
Walt H. (March, 2016). A brief history of the internet. An anecdotal history of the people and
communities that brought about the internet and the web. Retrieved from

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