Donatello created all of the following sculptures except, humanities, social science homework help


1  of 40Donatello created all of the following sculptures except _______.DavidThe Creation of Adam and EveMary MagdaleneFeast of HerodQuestion2  of 40What culture lived around great huacas?MocheIncaNazcaAztecQuestion3  of 40In 1401, Leonardo Bruni sponsored a competition to determine who would make the doors of Florence Cathedral’s baptistery. Who won?DonatelloLorenzo GhibertiFilippo BrunelleschiLeon Battista AlbertiQuestion4  of 40Settled in 1087 and developing fame for its gold trading, the city of __________ has long been a center of the Muslim religion in West Africa.AlgiersBissauTarugaTimbuktuQuestion5  of 40Which of the following statements about Islamic music is not correct?Medieval Arabic music was created with a conscious effort to develop an alternative to ancient Greek musical theory.Throughout much of Islamic history, music has been used in calling Muslims to prayer.Music was once classified as a forbidden pleasure for Muslims.At one point in Islamic history, music became an obligatory accomplishment for every educated person.Question6  of 40What records the history of the Palenque kings?The Tikal temple-pyramidsThe Temple of InscriptionsThe Pyramid of the SunThe Temple of QuetzalcoatlQuestion7  of 40The video Power of the Past with Bill Moyers indicates that art during the Renaissance taught citizens about _______.lovedeathlifeGodQuestion8  of 40The word “Gothic” was originally applied to art as a derogatory term.TrueFalseQuestion9  of 40One aspect of Zen thought suggests that by drinking tea in a small hut, with only a few companions, an individual could experience “lonely seclusion” or _______.wabiwe-weisatoriyin and yangQuestion10  of 40The earliest Mesoamerican art comes from the _______.AztecsOlmecsToltecsZapotecsQuestion11  of 40__________ is a doctrine that identifies deities with the phenomena of the universe, including both animate beings and inanimate objects.FeudalismGnosticismMonotheismPantheismQuestion12  of 40Confucius’s sayings were collected in the fifth century in a volume called _______.TaodejingThe Tale of GenjiThe AnalectsThe Book of SongsQuestion13  of 40_______is the cultural area extending from central Mexico to Honduras and including Belize and Guatemala.FlorenceMesoamericaSamsaraSwahiliQuestion14  of 40What Confucian quality refers to the ideal relationship that should exist between people?LiJenTeWenQuestion15  of 40Moorish-style architecture can be found in southern Europe and in parts of the United States, such as __________________and ____________________.South Carolina; OhioFlorida; TexasCalifornia; UtahMaine; IllinoisQuestion16  of 40Which of the following statements about the Song of Roland is not correct?It is a chanson de geste, or “song of deeds.”It is noted for the vagueness of its use of language.It uses assonance, or the repetition of vowel and consonant sounds, rather than pure rhyme.It exemplifies the values of French feudal society.Question17  of 40The army of terra cotta figures found buried in the mausoleum of the first Qin emperor was there to _______.serve him in the afterlifescare off grave robberspay tribute to the emperorprevent evil spirits from taking the emperor’s soulQuestion18  of 40What literary work exemplifies the values of French feudal society?Caedmon’s HymnThe Book of KellsBeowulfSong of RolandQuestion19  of 40What was considered the first important novel in world literature?The AnalectsThe Tale of GenjiThe Book of SongsEarly SpringQuestion20  of 40Which of the following statements about The Divine Comedy is correct?The Divine Comedy makes few references to the politics of the time in which it was written.The Divine Comedy is divided into seven parts.One of the most notable features of The Divine Comedy is the law of symbolic retribution, which suggests how a punishment should fit a sin.The Divine Comedy was written with little attention to organization.Question21  of 40Masaccio is famous for showing the “faces of life” and not leaving out the _____________ of humanity in his frescoes.colorperspectiveuglinessbeautyQuestion22  of 40Mahavira was the founder of _______.IslamJainismBuddhismHinduismQuestion23  of 40Which of the following statements about humanism is not correct?Humanists believe in the worth and dignity of the individual.Humanists seek to discover what is best about humanity.Humanists reject the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.Petrarch was a leading proponent of humanism.Question24  of 40Which of the following was not an Anglo-Saxon tribe?AnglesJutesSaxonsCeltsQuestion25  of 40Derived from the Greek term for “alone,” _______ became an integral part of Christian life during the third century.MannerismMonasticismNeoplatonismPantheismQuestion26  of 40A purse cover discovered in the burial ship found at Sutton Hoo is decorated in the _______.animal styleRayonnant Gothic styleFlamboyant Gothic styleInternational styleQuestion27  of 40What was the chief purpose of a pilgrimage?To worship relics of the saintsTo allow for religious expressionTo help the sick and the destituteTo allow people to join a community of believersQuestion28  of 40What medium was favored by Chola sculptors when using the “lost-wax process”?BronzeGoldSilverStoneQuestion29  of 40The “Leaning Tower of Pisa” is a _______.cathedraltympanumbaptisterycampanileQuestion30  of 40_______ is the most important source of spiritual teaching from The Mahabharata.The Bhagavad GitaThe JatakaThe PancatantraThe RamayanaQuestion31  of 40Vernacular refers to __________.the common language spoken in a particular country or regionthe type of altar that appears in a cathedralthe rule of the popea type of song that developed in the late Middle AgesQuestion32  of 40Whose art is viewed as a turning point in moving out of the Romanesque Era and into the Gothic?GislebertusBernart de VentadornAndreas CappelanusNicholas of VerdunQuestion33  of 40The Unicorn in Captivity, from the Unicorn Tapestries, is characterized by _______.unique use of lightcontroversial use of gargoylesfocus on how the lower classes liveddense background of plantsQuestion34  of 40What cathedral is the first masterpiece of the High Gothic?Notre-Dame, ChartresSainte-Chapelle, ParisSaint-Maclou, RouenNotre-Dame, ParisQuestion35  of 40Indian musical compositions, usually partly improvised, that attempt to convey a mood or feeling are known as __________.motetspolyphonyragassonnetsQuestion36  of 40At the center of Islam is __________, which is Muslim scripture.The Bhagavad GitaThe BibleThe QuranThe SufiQuestion37  of 40Upon what is Dante’s Paradiso based?His notions of purgatoryThe betrayal of God by SatanThe seven planets of medieval astronomyThe Theology of Thomas AquinasQuestion38  of 40When the Aryan tribes from the Russian steppes and Central Asia settled in northern India around 1500 B.C.E., what religion did they bring with them?HinduismIslamJainismBuddhismQuestion39  of 40One of the most famous Arabic works of literature is _______________________, a series of tales told to a sultan by a woman to prolong her life.BeowulfSong of RolandTristan and IsoldeThe Thousand and One NightsQuestion40  of 40The Great Serpent Mound in Adams County, Ohio, was built by the _______.Aztec cultureAdena cultureMayan cultureMoche culture

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Donatello created all of the following sculptures except, humanities, social science homework help
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