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Bringing It All Together
This Assignment addresses this course outcome:
MN502-4: Develop a philosophy that supports advanced nursing practice
reflecting the values, beliefs, and cultural competencies relative to nursing
practice, science, and theory.
Now that you have spent the last 8 weeks discussing theory development and
exploring models and philosophies that guide advance practice nursing, it is time
for you to put it all together. In this Assignment, you will create a presentation
using any form of presentation software (e.g.,
PowerPoint®, Prezi™, Movenote™, Powtoons™, Slidedog™, and so on). Your
presentation should bring together the theory that best fits your concept of
advance practice nursing, the model that you will use to translate this into
practice, and your final philosophy of advance practice nursing related to your
role after graduation.
Please remember that your presentation should contain slides that have bullet
points. The bullets should number no more than four to six per slide. The bullet
point is not written as a complete sentence. It contains key words. You, as the
presenter will explain in depth what each bullet point means in the audio
portion of the presentation. Slides may contain graphics, but should be
uncluttered. Background and font colors should be of sufficient contrast to make
reading them easy on the eyes. Attention to colors should be paid so that a
person who is colorblind can easily read the presentation.
Assignment Details
The presentation should consist of a series of slides that include:

Title Slide: A title slide that identifies the title of the presentation and
name of the student.

Introduction Slide: An introduction slide that includes brief information
about you and your program track. The slide should also explain to the
audience the purpose of the presentation.

Model Slides: The third and fourth slides will address your chosen model.
The bullet points should consist of the specific characteristics of the
model. You will need at least one citation that identifies where the model
came from. Your audio will expound upon the model and what the
characteristics mean. The fourth slide should include why you chose the
model and how you will apply it in practice.

Theory Slides: The next three slides will focus on your chosen theory.
The first slide should present your theory and why you chose it. The next
slide would present the key concepts of the theory and how it has been
used to date in past research no older than 5 years ago. The third slide
will discuss how you will use this theory in practice as an advance practice
nurse upon graduation.

Philosophy Slide: The next area will consist of one slide that presents
your philosophy of advance practice nursing in the post-graduate role you
will assume. The philosophy statement will consist of one to three
sentences that distill the essence of what you believe advance practice
nursing is and your conception of nursing as a profession. It is written in
the first person and present tense. It is a personal statement of your
beliefs about the profession of nursing. This should present guiding
statements for your future practice in the advanced practice role.
An example of a philosophy statement might read this way:
Advanced practice nursing takes the art and science of nursing to a level
of “other” and “self” interacting together to reach a state of optimal
wellness guided with compassion and love for the culture of the “other.”

Graphical Slide: The next-to-last slide will be a graphical representation
of how the model, theory, and your philosophy fit together.

Conclusion Slide: The last slide will be a conclusion that brings together
everything you have presented. It is not a summary that just reiterates
what you presented. It is a judgment about what you presented and bring
the audience home, ending the presentation on a positive note about the
You will need supporting citations for your theory and model slides, and possibly
for your philosophy, as appropriate. You will include the citations where
appropriate and your very last slide will be a reference slide.
The total slide count should not exceed 15 slides. This does not include the
reference slide(s) or the title slide.
1. Organization, documentation, references formatting guidelines must follow
APA 6th edition: To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment,
please visit the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Home.
Total points: 300
Assignment Requirements
Before finalizing your work, you should:

be sure to read the Assignment description carefully (as displayed

consult the Grading Rubric (under the Course Home) to make sure you
have included everything necessary; and

utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.
Your writing Assignment should:

follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar,
punctuation, etc.);

be well ordered, logical, and unified, as well as original and insightful;

display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics; and

use APA 6th Edition format.
MN 502 Unit 9: Bringing It All Together
0 -1.9
2 – 2.9
1. Introduction: This part of the assignment Introduction contains one
does not address any or all of the following: student
of this section.
information, program track,
and purpose for
2. Model slides: This part of the assignment The model slides contains
does not address any or all few characteristics of the
of this section.
model missing source
support to the chosen
3 – 3.9
Introduction contains two
of the following: student
information, program track,
and purpose for
The model slides contains
few characteristics of the
model with at least one
citation of source support
to the chosen model.
3. Theory
This part of the assignment The theory slides contains
does not address any or all two of the following: key
of this section.
concepts of the theory,
how it was used in
research, how student will
apply theory in practice
upon graduation. Missing
source support.
The theory slides briefly
contains some of the key
concepts of the theory,
how it was used in
research, and how student
will apply theory in practice
upon graduation. Contains
source support.
4. Philosophy
This part of the assignment Personal statement
does not address any or all demonstrates student
of this section.
beliefs about the
profession of nursing or
future practice in the
advanced practice role.
Sentence structure missing
first person and present
Personal statement
demonstrates student
beliefs about the
profession of nursing or
future practice in the
advaced practice role
written in first person and
present tense.
5. Graphical
This part of the assignment Graphical representation
begins but does not truly
needs more clarity to
address this section.
illustrate how the model,
theory, and philosophy fit
Graphical representation
illustrates how the model,
theory, and philosophy fit
together, but may miss a
few key points.
6. Conclusion:
There is no indication the
author tried to make a
Some of the conclusions,
were not supported.
Conclusion is weak with
moost points not
Significant errors in spelling
and/or grammar, and APA
documentation, style and format.
guidelines must
follow APA 6th
Poor spelling and grammar
are apparent and/or with
errors in APA style and
Uses Standard American
English with rare errors
and misspellings.
Occasional errors with APA
style and format.
Total available
points =
Rubric Score
Grade points
Introduction contains
student information,
program track, and
purpose for presentation
The model slides contain
specific characteristics of
the model with at least
one citation of source
support to the chosen
The theory slides contain
key concepts of the
theory, how it was used in
research, how student will
apply theory in practice
upon graduation.
Contains source support.
Personal statement of 1-3
sentences which
demonstrate student
beliefs about the
profession of nursing and
future practice in the
advanced practice role
written in first person and
present tense.
Graphical representation
illustrates substantial
integration of course
materials and/or use of
upper level thinking.
The author was able to
make succinct and
precise conclusions
Consistently uses
Standard American
English with no
misspellings. No errors
with APA style and
Final Score
Personal Philosophy on Advanced Nursing
Kaplan University
Jessica Miranda Aguilar
My Personal Philosophy Related to Advanced Practice Nursing
I believe in the definition of nursing care as a complex, but trans-cultural process that is
rooted in an ethical and spiritual context. This is because nursing care is a reflection of a moral
duty that is grounded on ethical frameworks for nursing ethos to safeguard the right to human
dignity of patients. It is for this reason that the APNs acting as patient’s advocates have to
identify the preferences of patient emphatically and in a non-paternalistic manner towards
navigating, coordinating and facilitating multi-disciplinary and patient-centered treatment
regimens (Butcher, 2011). Personally my philosophy is geared towards actively participating
with others in order to provide ethical and compassionate care in a good healing environment.
Personal Concepts and Values
Being an APN should positively influence clients in the health care spectrum. Such an
influence should involve teaching clients, their families and communities on how to maintain a
healthy lifestyle despite their illnesses. I also personally believe I should act as a proponent for
positive changes in our current health care system as this is what differentiates the APN from the
other healthcare providers as our relationship with patients calls for mutual interaction.
Given the ever-changing health care environment, there is a growing need for the role of
the APN to be increasingly evident in society. It is for this reason that I can say confidently that
the time spent with clients goes beyond mere diagnosis and prescription. This is because the
clients are looking for a mutually satisfying relationship based on respect and reciprocity, in the
assurance that the APN is competent (Meleis, 2012).
The nursing profession is fundamentally grounded on the nursing meta-paradigm of
Person, Environment, Health, and Nursing. The Person concept involves individuals, families,
and communities. They have an intrinsic value and dignity and therefore worthy of respect due
to their shared and unique physical, intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, and spiritual
character. On the other hand, the concept of Environment involves the interaction of both the
internal and external factors that influences one’s health. The Health concept integrates factors
such as the physical, intellectual, cultural, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being that allow
for their performance towards maintaining their existence in their environment.
The effects of health are evident throughout a person’s life cycle and influenced by
genetic and environmental factors such as their choices on health practices or the ability of
meeting health care needs as well as accessibility to health care. Lastly, the Nursing approach is
both the art and science that enables nurses to offer care to persons in the society. They seek for
the promotion, restoration, and maintenance of good health, and where death is unavoidable,
provision of support allowing for a dignified death.
The advanced nursing incorporates a systematic critical thinking process in collecting and
analyzing data, as well as in diagnosing, planning, and therapeutically intervening, and
evaluating outcomes.
Thus in the use of professional values, ethics, and therapeutic
communication, the advanced nurse is better placed in the implementation of this process in
different situations as well as settings. All this is possible through the use of a collaborative
approach with patients and other professionals in the medical field.
Various studies show that advanced nursing career training equips practitioners to
provide quality, but cost-efficient treatment of acute illnesses as well as managing minor
disorders. Specifically, a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows
nurses as equally competent as physicians in such procedures like performing common
endoscopic screening tests for colon cancer (Meleis, 2012).
Current Practice
Currently, the APNs are professionally prepared in master’s degree programs and often
team-trained together with medical students in terms course work, patient rounds, as well as
other on-site clinical experiences. Today physicians no longer have a monopoly in health care
knowledge or the only qualified healthcare providers. Therefore, APNs provide not only health
care, but are also trained at almost one-fifth of the total cost of expensive medical education.
It is for this reason that nursing has always advocated for a collaborative approach. It therefore
become irresponsible any practitioner in provision of primary health care not to collaborate in
order for the nursing or physicians expertise is used in benefiting patients.
• Collaboration
• Knowledge
• Philosophy
• Leadership
I am glad that I have an opportunity of taking care of people from different backgrounds.
As a result I have come to appreciate the need of giving holistic care to patients. It is in such kind
of care that I find a reflection of my personal philosophy. The knowledge that I can now apply
my own personal experience as well as contribution towards the recovery and wellness of a
patient is a source of personal pride. This goes a long way in strengthening my commitment to
my career. I therefore believe that my philosophy together with promotion of health, I will
provide emphatic and holistic health care to a society in my capacity as an APN.
Butcher, H.K. (Ed) (2011). The Science of Unitary Human Beings: Theoretical Basis for
Meleis, A. F. (2012).Theoretical Nursing: Development & Progress. 5th ed. Philadelphia, PA:
Nursing. [Accessed June 23, 2011].
Environmental Theory
Jessica Miranda Aguilar
Kaplan University
Nursing is such a broad field that needs much expertise. This is because of all that has to
be done to make sure the patients are in a better state than they were when being brought to the
health care center. Theories in nursing are important because they help in development of
various concepts which have been used for a very long time and are still important to us today.
The health care sector needs these concepts because they determine the quality of services
offered to patients in the hospitals and other health care centers such as clinics and in case of first
aid at home or at work.
In this paper I will focus on one of the theories in nursing that has been important when it
comes to shaping this field into a better one. The theory I will focus on is environmental theory
which was developed by Florence Nightingale who is considered to be the first professional
nurse in the history of nursing. Through this paper I will have the chance to focus on her theory
all through the stages of development (Nightingale’s environmental theory, 2013). I will focus on
various terms used in her theory and hoe the theory is applied today both in health care centers
and in other areas in our societies.
Theory Development
In nursing it is always important to identify the important things that must be done and
those which are not important hence no need to put them into actions. In my theory I was able to
identify that nursing involves human beings and the environment. The kind of environment a
patient is subjected to determines if she will get better or not. What I noted is that patients need a
clean environment and the most essential things when it comes to nursing are as follows. Patients
need ventilation and warmth to help them recover from the illness they are suffering from, they
need light and silence and the most important is that cleanliness of the patient and the
surrounding environment.
Patients need much attention and observation to determine if they are getting better or
they need extra care and medication. I learnt that the patients need observation and enough food
mainly a balanced diet which will help them to regain their strength. To come up with these
conclusions I focused on many patients who made it through and some of those who had not
recovered and the different environments where they were getting treatment. Another thing
which I was able to determine is that patients do not need much interruption in the name of
motivation towards recovery. The patients need to recover slowly with only the interruption of
the nurse and there is no need of such a huge group of people coming to surround the patient
trying to encourage him to recover.
Second Stage
I defined nursing as the act of putting the environment where the patient is recovering
into use until the patient gets better and fully recovers. When I started taking care of patients
during the war I was able to learn that bring patients together at a strategic position was much
easier than attending patients in different rooms. The rooms which I used for taking care of these
patients became health care centers and the various rooms where the patients were treated got the
name ward and up to date this name is still used. In most wards you will find nurses who are
close to patients who perform their duties effectively by providing the best environment for the
patients. I was able to come up with the coxcomb chart which is still used today in many
organizations today (Basavanthappa, 2007). This is a diagram that has been developed through
combination of a pie and bar chart and it is important when it comes to data visualization. It
helps the health care organization to avoid incorrect observation of data that would probably lead
to failure in the nursing process.
Third Stage
In this stage the terms which I have defined above had to be applied to determine the
success of the nursing process. Environmental theory has been used in many other fields and by
applying the important concepts in this theory many people have benefited. An example is an
accident happening in the various industries where people work. A patient is handled properly by
making sure that he is kept in a clean and well ventilated place so that he can recover. By
applying some of the important concepts in environmental theory, most people get first aid and
their health conditions stabilized to avoid further damage (Geyer, Mogotlane, Young, Juta and
Company, 2009).
My theory has been tested and most people apply it either knowingly or not and in most
cases it is always successful. When such concepts are applied it helps the patients to get better
and in any tricky situation it is always important t …
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