Race And Ethnicity In The U.S. FINAL


All answers are TURE and FALSE.I need to ASAP.

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Race And Ethnicity In The U.S. FINAL
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All answers are TURE and FALSE
One of the consequences of H1B visa is the “brain drain” in India
which American society normally ignores.
2. The Bracero Program in its earlier days did not meet much
resistance from the Anglo population because most white young
men were drafted for the war effort.
The importation of high tech workers in recent years was one of the
American capitalists’ responses to America’s failure in education.
In our class discussion, we learned that Arnold Toynbee’s theory is
very relevant and useful in making a policy toward ethnic minorities
in the U.S.
H1B visa was enthusiastically supported by the high tech
corporations; yet, it negatively affected native, domestic high tech
workers who were born and educated in the U.S.
One of the major causes of conflict between Mexican and Anglo
Americans in California in the latter half of the 19th century was
land right.
7. One of the serious problems that American society faced during and
after the Vietnam War was that Vietnam violated the racial
hierarchy that American society hoped to maintain.
The major reason why American society brought Filipino nurses was
to help their economic hardship in their homeland.
9. During the class discussion on Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition”,
we learned that ethnic minorities have been able to unite well for
their common causes.
10. One of the most serious problems that African Americans have been
facing and will face is their competition with the fastest growing
Hispanic minority in janitorial, construction, and other blue collar
11. The movie,”Rambo” was made to give a painful lesson to American
society that U.S. involvement in Vietnam was morally wrong.
12. During the Zoot Suit Riots, American news media fought for racial
justice, fighting against racial prejudice shown by the judges and
13. The importation of Irish to build the Erie Canal was an attempt by
American capitalism to lower the cost and maximize the profit.
14. In about the last page of the last chapter of your text, the author
deplores about the fact the persecuted, imporverished immigrants
in the past turned out to be discriminators agaisnt the recent
15. According to the last portion of the text, white workers complain
about the loss of their “way of life” due to recent immigrants and
refugees who are willing to work for long hours. This complaint
could lead to a serious racial conflict.
16. The “Operation Wetback” proved that all ethnic groups who were
brought for American capitalism were treated equally.
17. In our class discussion we learned that Vietnam War left a
paradoxical consequence: strengthened racism and beginning
18. Asia’s economic dominance in recent decades did not leave a
positive impact on Asian Americans.
19. The Border patrol was created in the early 20th cetntury to control
the migration of Mexicans as the Anglo population in the U.S. faced
harsh economic problems and blamed Mexicans for their economic
20. One of the consequences of NAFTA in Mexico was the migration of
millions of Mexican farmers to the cities and the United States many
of whom became “undocumented” workers in the U.S.
21. Even tough we have the 14th Amendment in our Constitution we
still have a serious level of racism. The cause of this irony is the
discrepancy between the instituted noble ideas and the people’s
unwillingness to accept them.
22. One of the causes of American Nativism is a sudden demographic
change such as the fastest growing Hispanic population.
23. Robert Blauner argues that Barrio or Harlem or Chinatown was like
an “internal colony” to the larger society.
24. As the U.S. government decided to take “boat people” refugees
from Vietnam, the vast majority of American people themselves
enthusiastically welcomed them.
25. A new kind of Nativism is more ideologically motivated than
economically motivated. The new kind of Nativism would pose a
greater danger in our society because it is harder to eradicate than
economically motivated one.
26. The scene of “Russian Roulette” in the movie “Deer Hunter” was a
precise portrayal of what really happened in Vietnam.
27. Mao’s communist revolution in China contributed to the
establishment of “Yellow Peril” in the U.S.
28. Mexican labor has been necessary for California’s second biggest
industry, agriculture; yet bringing in the labor has met a great
resistance from the blue collar, lower income earning, domestic,
especially Anglo population.
29. Free trade agreements with foreign countries over the last several
decades did not leave a positive impact on African and Hispanic
Americans overall.
30. The biggest beneficiaries of economic globalization are the common
Chinese workers who were employed by the U.S. corporations.
31. It is safe to say that the Hispanic American population is not
race-conscious but class conscious.
32. It is safe to say that the Vietnam War left a negative impact on Asian
Americans but created a social and political setting for a more open,
fair society to all.
33. The Proposition 187 was strongly opposed by the vast majority of
Hispanic populations in California.
34. It is safe to say that immigration to America for the last about 300
years has been mostly made by the will of American capitalism.
35. The way Irish workers who built the Erie Canal was treated and the
way Mexican farm workers are treated can show how racially
motivated American society has been.
36. In the final days of our class discussions, we learned that being
racially prejudiced and discriminated does not give a license to
practice racism against others.
37. Arnold Schweiznegger’s taking political power in California was a
sign of clear nativism.
38. Killing millions of Vietnamese civilians by the indiscriminate
American bombing and American society’s indifferent attitude
toward it show the deeply rooted racism in American society.
39. Overall, U.S. capitalism is a profit seeking system, unconscious of
racial differences in most times.
40. Ultimately, the beneficiaries of economic globalization have been
the middle and lower middle class Americans.

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