The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant, REL 212 World Religions Week 6 Discussion 1 help


“The Role of the Torah and Special Covenant” Please respond to the following:The history of Judaism is filled with commandments, covenants and persecution. Why do you think Jews are persecuted so much?Discuss the significance of the “special covenant” between the Jewish people and God. Name at least two examples of this covenant in the Jewish religion.How important are the Ten Commandments and other Laws for Jews?Given what you see in the news today, do Jews still exhibit a sense of covenant?Can you name some famous Jews today?Sources for JudaismCheck out this article for some interesting contemporary ideas about Judaism, covenant and politics. is a nice, 3 minute video on the difference between covenant and truth. Be sure to watch it! here to view the Article named: Thirteen Principles of Faith. The following Video: Exodus can be viewed below.

  • The following Video: Passover can be viewed below.