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*****The are the instructions below*****  Note: All of the powerpoints from my class mates will be posted in it’s own powerpoint and I’ll also attach my last paper, it needs to be done just like my last paper. Don’t worry about the introduction.  I can’t upload the powerpoints because it says the file is too big?? Diversity Summary &
Reflection Template
(5 pts)
In this section, introduce the
project and its purpose and give an overview of the other sections that will be

Summary & Reflection Topics (75 pts)
Sexual Orientation, Disabilities)
For each of these topics, include the
·  Key points from each related presentation.

Info on interviewee

Summary of points
·  Any new insights, beliefs, attitudes that you have developed after
hearing these presentations.
·  What you can do to be more effective based upon what was presented. (If
nothing, briefly explain why.)
Summary & Conclusion (20 pts)
a brief summary of what was discussed in previous sections and a reaction to
the value of the project for you personally. Was it worthwhile? Why?
Headings to Be Included in the
& Reflection on Diversity Presentations

Gender (+ 2
§  Key Points
§  New Insights, Beliefs, Attitudes
§  Being More Effective Dealing with Religious Diversity,
& Conclusion

Summary of
the Above Sections

Value of
the Project

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Unformatted Attachment Preview

The main objective of the diversity presentations, the first is to provide an
opportunity for students to interact with individuals who are different from you in a
meaningful way to better understand their perspectives. We all have biases and have a
tendency to hang out with people who have the same beliefs as us, thus creating this
comfortable bubble. However, we won’t always be around those who have the same
beliefs, for example in the workplace employees and employers should have better
understanding of diversity in order to avoid conflict and discrimination in general. The
second main objective is to supplement the discussion of diversity taking place in class.
Lastly, having a diverse group of interviewees is a great way to understand their
uniqueness and diverse background. Those differences consist of race, gender and age
which all play a vital role in diversity.
Summary & Reflection on Diversity Presentations
Key Points
I, Robert Magana covered the topic female gender for the diversity presentation
but accidentally covered both male and female, sorry for the mistake. I chose to
interview Janai and Chris, they are both going to college and 22 years-old. Janai works
as a high-school advisor at Frazier High and Chris works as a chemistry tutor at
Bakersfield College. When asked what do you wish others knew about people who are
male or female? Janai, wished females were seen as their own individual and can be
independent. She thinks society doesn’t give enough credit to females due to the
stereotype that a male must support women because women can’t support themselves
without a male in the picture. She also brought up that women can also be
breadwinners and are fully capable of supporting a family with their income. When I
asked Chris this question, his response was different, which is expected and he couldn’t
stress enough that males have emotions. He mentioned that all males have emotions
and that society expects males to be these tough, emotionless robots that don’t show
weakness. He knows deep down by holding your emotions in is never healthy for a
person. He also talked about men being a handy man and feels that not all men enjoy
fixing things just because men are usually obligated to step up and do it in society. The
second question I asked them was, what challenges have you faced because you are
male or female? Janai said she has always been see as less than a male in her life,
when around her male friends or co-workers she would be told she couldn’t complete a
certain task because she is a female. Secondly, her dad gave her little to no freedom
growing up and even now her dad is strict because she is female. When Chris was
asked this question he mentioned that he always feels pressured to act masculine, be
the initiator in relationships and to have a lot of money in order to support a female.
When I asked them what changes would you like to see in society given your
experiences? Janai would like to see males and females to be held at the same
standard and would love for females to have better chance at higher paid professions in
a company. Chris would like gender roles to be destroyed and would love if males had
lower expectations from society.
Brittany Garcia chose to interview Jacob and Eric for her gender presentation on
males. Jacob is majoring in chemistry, is 21 years-old and works at petroleum club as a
server assistant. Eric is majoring in biology, is 29 years old and previously worked at TA
but is now unemployed. When she asked them what challenges they faced because
they are male? Jacob mentioned, he was told to hold in his emotions and crying doesn’t
solve anything in life. He was always told to never ask for help unless it’s last resort and
faces challenges with the “friendship zone”. Eric mentioned, he has to keep constant
image of being an ideal man and has a mentality of not showing any weaknesses.
When she asked them what is expected out of males? Jacob mentioned, men have to
work in the back, men are labeled as protectors and have expectations for paying for
dates, walking on the side closest to the street. Eric mentioned, men are also expected
to be protector, physically strong in relationship in order for it to last. Men are expected
to work more dangerous jobs, do the dirty work and are expected to propose for
marriage. The net question she asked them was, what do you wish others knew about
people who are males? Jacob brought up that, the whole “nice guys finish last” is not
true at all and if males chose not to fight back in certain situations, that doesn’t label as
weakling. Eric brought up, some men are uncomfortable to talk about their feelings in
certain situations and that guys get sexually harassed but are scared to bring it up.
When asked about the changes they would like to see in society, they both introduced
that society in general shouldn’t be bias and that we should find ways to diminish
gender bias. Another topic they touched up on was for people to stop assuming that all
men are these aggressive monsters that think about sex 24/7.
In Jessica’s presentation, she interviewed two males; Rene and Manuel. Rene is
25 years old while Manuel is 55 years old. Manuel wishes others would know that not
only women get discriminated but also men. If males stay home to take care of their
kids while the women work, they are seen as lazy. But if it were the other way around it
would be a problem. A challenge Rene had faced because he is male is that he was
always expected to be the provider for a family. He is expected to make great amount of
money so his wife and kids can live a good life without struggling. This puts a lot of
stress on Rene’s shoulders. Some changes both Rene and Manuel would like to see in
society are women getting jobs that pay more. This will help let go of the expectations
men have, which is to be the provider of the family. Some advice they wish college
students realize about diversity were to not let someone’s opinions get in the way of
their success in life. If a male decides to be a stay at home dad than instead of the
female, then let it be. If your goal in life is to be a traveling nurse and you’re scared
because of gender bias than how are we going to be living in a diverse world in the work
field. It goes to women wanting to join the oil fields also or joining the Marine Corps to
be a recruiter later in life.
In Julian’s presentation, he interviewed two females. Both of the female
interviewees wish others would know that women could work just as hard as a man can.
The female’s interviewees had faced many challenges in the workplace because they
were females. One challenge is facing a lot of sexist remarks. Both women get their
“emotions” described as their monthly periods getting in the way. When a female is
angry she will be described as, “she’s only angry because she’s on her period”. More
challenges both females experienced were sexual harassment and gender roles.
Society sees a mother with having her own business and being a wife as an unfair
treatment. Women should be at home cleaning, cooking, and taking care of her family.
Some changes the interviewees would like to see in society are more opportunities for
women and to stop the stereotyping and gender roles.
New Insights, Beliefs, Attitudes
After hearing presentation about the male experience in society, I can directly
relate to males since I am a male myself and thought it was neat to here all of
interviewees side of the story about being a male in the world. What I gained from all
the presentations was we shouldn’t limit each other based on gender and we as society
should be open minded for change. Gender roles are dying slowly but they are still a big
problem in certain situations, and because I am a male I do feel the pressure with
having greater expectations from parents, family, friends and society in general. Those
expectations consist of having a well-paying job in order to provide for a potential wife or
kids and to be the main source of income and to work long hours. I believe there is
nothing wrong with a man not making as much as their partner or if they chose to work
less hours in order to spend more time with his kids. It’s rare to see this happen
because males might feel discouraged, or feel less like a man if this was the case.
There is nothing wrong with this situation in my opinion but because stereotypes are
heavily believed in the United States, people really never think about this choice. What
Chris, Jacob Eric all desire to share their feelings but are too scared too because the
label that is put on males in society. However, It provides me with more confidence
knowing that I’m not alone when comes to expressing my feelings. In the past, I’ve
always bottled up my emotions because I didn’t want to be label as a “little girl” but
growing up I realized that there is nothing wrong with human beings expressing their
emotions regardless if you’re male or female. After hearing the interviews experience, it
has helped me to see a side of men that you normally don’t hear about and now when I
see a man acting sensitive, I won’t label them as being a “little girl” or don’t expect them
to be this masculine person society labels them as.
Hearing the female experience as a woman, I’ve always had an idea that
females aren’t treated the same as males and don’t gain the same respect in certain
situations, but have never thought about how that affects them in their lives. All the
females shared their struggles with in the presentations and I honestly forgot how much
females are discriminated in the workplace. Thinking back at companies I worked for
and even now where I currently work, now I do realize that aren’t a lot of female
mangers or executives in the workplace. The workplace needs more female executives
if you ask me, I think it would be nice but the problem is females have children which set
them back from promotions or higher position jobs which is unjust to me and only way
they can break the glass ceiling is if they decide give up starting a family and maybe
even remain single until they make it. The biggest change I would like to see for females
in the workplace, is for companies to have better understanding that women bare
children which is big road block for the road for success, so I would like to see polices
established to protect a woman’s road to success. The female interviewees know not to
accept the standard of being a housewife or dependent on male. They want society to
not only see them equal as men but also even as a higher gender role.
Being More Effective Dealing with Genders
I believe to be more effective while dealing with genders we need to destroy the
roles. Society believes in all the gender roles and it is controlling how we see things in
Key Points
In Karla Moreno’s presentation, she talked with Ariam and Rachel. Ariam was
conceived in the United States to her Eritrean folks. She is named Black. Ariam is right
now enlisted as a senior at California State University of Bakersfield working towards a
degree in bookkeeping. She is likewise acting as a director on grounds. Rachel was
conceived in the United States and has dependably looked as the special. She
experienced childhood in Oildale in the city of Bakersfield. As she was growing up,
Rachel saw she was delegated a White hillbilly as a result of her skin shading and the
area she lived in Bakersfield, California. Rachel is a single parent with the most
noteworthy instruction of a secondary school confirmation. Ariam wish individuals would
realize that since she originated from Africa, doesn’t mean she originated from a tribe or
lived in a town. Rachel wish individuals would consider that not each white individual is
benefit or originates from white refuse. Her guardians have buckled down for all that
they had and have worked occupations to ensure she generally had what she required
yet a long way from ruined. A test Ariam has confronted was in the work place;
individuals accept that she is not instructed and she just landed the position since they
required a dark individual for differences purposes. A few difficulties Rachel has
confronted was being a single parent and being judged when she got government help
since individuals accept that since she’s White she has a considerable measure of cash.
Likewise, in the workplace, many people expect that since Rachel does not have a
higher education, she landed the position in view of who knows and not what she
knows. A change Ariam might want to find in the public eye is more individuals with
receptive outlooks about changed races in higher working positions. Rachel might want
to see individuals comprehend that since she is White doesn’t mean she had everything
given to her and ruined her entire youth.
Another presentation was given two interviewees, Tejera and Melvin, who are
both African American. Tejera wishes others would realize that not all African
Americans are the same. Much the same as whatever other race, they are people.
Because somebody is African American, doesn’t mean they have the same society or
convictions as each other African American. Melvin wishes others would realize that
African Americans could be both road savvy and book keen. Because who experienced
childhood in a terrible neighborhood does not mean you’re not keen. A few difficulties
Tejera has confronted in light of the fact that she’s African American is segregation. She
has been chased after the store while she was shopping since they anticipated she was
going to shoplift. Tejera has likewise not been brought in for a prospective employee
meeting in view of her name. Melvin has likewise confronted numerous difficulties
because of being African American. He has been barred out of discussions on account
of his race. He feels like his conclusion doesn’t make a difference furthermore had the
same experience as Tejera while shopping in stores. A few changes Tejera might want
to find in the public eye are African Americans ought to be given more credit when credit
is expected. Since a considerable measure of things that are mainstream today,
generally inside of the white group, are gotten from dark society. She additionally feels
society ought to concentrate more on the positive than the negative. Melvin might want
to see more open doors for non-white individuals African Americans as well as for all.
He additionally needs society to not pass judgment on a man on what is on the outside
yet more on what is within. Tejera wishes undergrads would understand the significance
of differing qualities. Being in a various domain challenges each individual in that
environment to develop as an individual and turn out to be more receptive. The more
different a situation turns into, the more inventive and fruitful an undertaking will be.
Melvin wishes understudies would realize that assorted qualities is awesome, so grasp
each other and don’t hesitate to be companions or whatever you need with anybody.
Melvin cited, “It’s continually energizing to see a white individual rapping or a dark fellow
singing down home music, it just grows everybody’s viewpoints.” At the end of the
presentation Tejera and Melvin both left guidance for our class. Tejera said, don’t be
reluctant to encompass yourself with individuals who dislike you. You can take in a
great deal from them through their perspectives and backgrounds. Melvin shared some
comparable exhortation on to begin encompassing ourselves with others not quite the
same as us. We can take in a considerable measure from various individuals.
Another presentation that was displayed in class was trailed by an interviewee
name Brett. He was conceived in Chicago and is 35 years of age. Brett is a money
administrator at the organization of Verizon Wireless. His reaction to the inquiry “what
do you wish others thought about individuals who are American” was that he wishes a
great many people realized that United States is more about history. The opportunity did
not come free. He wishes other individuals from various nations would comprehend that
Americans contended too energetically for their flexibility and not to exploit the
opportunities. A few difficulties that Brett has confronted on the grounds that he is
American were going to Iran to get hitched to his wife. At 18 years old his mother
instructed him to move out so he needed to land a position to bear the cost of his own
place, school training, and other stuff. Another interviewee was name Ali who was
conceived in Pakistan. Ali is 25 years of age and single. He moved to the United States
in 2008. He is majoring in brain research and pre-med. What he wish others thought
about individuals who are Pakistani is they strive to seek after their objectives. Cliché
individuals believe that ladies are not permitted to get their instruction in Pakistan but
rather it is not valid aside from approximately couple of towns where science and
innovation are not progressed. A few difficulties Ali has confronted on the grounds that
he is Pakistani is individuals passing judgment on him since he is center eastern and
imagining that he is a terrorist. It was additionally hard to discover companions in school
and in the United States. It was significantly more troublesome for Ali to discover an
occupation because of his race. A few changes Ali might want to find in the public eye is
to be more unassuming, see increasingly and each ethnical foundation, and be willing to
differing more schools and the workplace. A counsel Ali might want to impart to our
class is on the grounds that he is Muslim, does not imply that he is a terrorist, decent
and awful individuals come in all structures and religions.
In Selena Gonzalez’s presentation, she talked with Natalie and Chaney. Natalie
is a full-time understudy at Bakersfield Community College and works low maintenance
at a hair salon. She is a just kid and is named White. Chaney is a full-time understudy at
Taft Community College and works 40 hours per week at a pet boutique shop. She is
the most youthful of three kin and is arranged White. Natalie wishes that since her race
is White does not mean she is bigot or a rich white young lady. Chaney wishes in light
of the fact that her race (white) is not a minority doesn’t mean they don’t confront battles
also. A few difficulties Natalie has faces since she is White is that she feels individuals
of different races get huge amounts of advantages for being something besides White.
White individuals need assistance monetarily too. Chaney has confronted being marked
or called names for simply dating a dark male. She feels that White individuals must be
ten times more wary about how they act/talk than different races since they are so very
scrutinized about being supremacist. Natalie might want to find in the public arena more
advantages for understudies of all races. For the most part every undergrad faces
money related battles paying little heed to in the event that they are viewed as a
minority or not. Chaney might want to find in the public eye being more open to
individuals of all races. She would need to dispose of all generalizations and approach
everybody with deference in spite of what race they are. Take an ideal opportunity to
hear the individual’s story on the grounds that everybody confronts hardship.
In Jack Trobaugh’s presentation, he talked with Joy and Valerie. Satisfaction is
20 years of age, is contemplating pre-med, and she is Egyptian. Euphoria wishes
individuals to realize that since she is Egyptian doesn’t mean she lives in pyramids and
rides camels. She likewise needs society to realize that she communicates in Arabic
and not Egyptian. A few difficulties that Joy has confronted in light of the fact that she is
Egyptian is one her guardians. They are extremely strict on her in light of the fac …
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