Expert Answer:CJUS310 Morrisville State College Serial Murder in


Solved by verified expert:You will be required to complete a research paper based on the required Vronsky book. After reading the book, you must identify ten important lessons learned. For each lesson, you must: Describe the lesson and its implications fully – what is the lesson, how does it show itself, what does it mean?How this lesson is of use to investigatorsIdentify a serial killer who fits the lesson, explaining why you say so and give examples to support your stance. Avoid using the example provided by the author. The Moor Killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley Important research paper grading notes for you to consider: Excessive brevity will not work in your favor. Details, elaboration and in-depth analysis is expected.Remember this is a 300 level class. As a result, you are expected to do more than repeat and regurgitate information. Critical analysis is expected.Research beyond the book is necessary to help with the investigation and serial killer components. Multiple credible sources are required.APA format with in-text citations and verifiable references are required.10 serial killers from the book !!!

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Expert Answer:CJUS310 Morrisville State College Serial Murder in
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Morrisville State College
Morrisville Campus
CJUS 310 – Serial Murder in Criminal Justice
Spring Semester 2019
Dr. Clare E. Armstrong-Seward
Telephone: 315-684-6148 Morrisville, Crawford 210
Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00-4:00
Wednesday 2:00-3:00
Thursday 3:00-4:00
Required textbooks:
Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters
Author: Peter Vronsky
Publisher: Berkley, 2004
And articles assigned during the course
Nathaniel Petgrave,
22, Florida
Class goals:
This course will examine the unique phenomenon of serial murder. Distinct
from other forms of multiple murders, various types of serial murder will be
studied along with definitions and ramifications and difficulties of
apprehension. Other topics include the serial killer myths, race and gender,
the impact of the media, profiles and possible criminological explanations.
Students must be aware that due to the nature of the topic, graphic sexual
and violent descriptions and images will be presented as part of this course.
These topics are essential to understanding serial murder. If you are unable to
cope with these topics and exposures, it is suggested you do not take this
elective course!
Samual Little, Missouri, confessed to 90. To date 37 have been verified.
Learning outcomes:
Upon completion of the course, a successful student should be able to:
A. Apply serial murder research and culture contributions to
understanding events and myths pertaining to murder, cults, mass
murder, serial murder, and evil
B. Apply the factors in the Hare PCL-R, Myers and Kirby typologies,
Rational Paraphilic Attachment and other diagnostic tools.
C. Evaluate the differences between paraphilic, healthcare, female,
male, team and other serial killers, their methodology & motives and
its applications to apprehension.
D. Identify and develop basic investigatory skills such as interviewing,
profiling and understanding serial murder evidence.
Note: paraphilia means a psychosexual disorder marked by sexual urges,
fantasies, and behavior involving objects, suffering or humiliation, or children,
or other non-consenting partners. It usually pertains to socially repugnant
behaviors such as voyeurism, pedophilia, rape and more graphic examples
discussed in class.
Grading policy:
Below 60
Albert Fish, NY, quote
Many opportunities for you to earn a good grade are provided. The
numerous grading categories allow you to excel with your best skills while
minimizing the impact of your least favorite tasks.
Research paper – counts as four assignments or tests
Final – counts as four assignments or tests
Each assignment and test will be treated with equal value in each category.
Students should be aware that they will be expected to complete
assignments and readings before classes. The class materials will not be
designed to do your readings for you. Expectations include preparation and
participation in class discussions and activities.
Class Communication:
If there is a need to contact the class, I will use only the Morrisville email
address and the Blackboard. Students are expected to check this email
address on a regular basis for messages regarding class rescheduling due to
weather, assignments and other topics. Failure to keep up with these
communications is not an acceptable excuse for failure to meet deadlines.
Assignments will NOT be accepted via email. Assignments must be submitted
via the assignment section of BlackBoard unless announced otherwise.
Jeffrey Dahmer
You are expected to attend all
classes and stay for the duration of
the class. Attendance may be
taken in the beginning of each
class by the submission of the
answer to one question. If you are tardy, you will not be given a chance to
hand in the question. The culmination of the questions will equal one test.
Each student bears the responsibility to obtain missed assignments, work and
information. Don’t ask the instructor to provide this information to cover your
While in class, you are expected to be alert and participate. To participate,
you need to be prepared by completing your assignments and readings.
Expect to have unannounced tests and assignments during class hours. The
tests and assignments will not be rescheduled for those not in attendance.
Due to the nature of this topic, you are expected to be prepared for class
and participate in class discussions and activities. The goal is not to say
something for the sake of saying something so this isn’t a circumstance where
the number of times you speak will be counted. The goal is quality
participation in group activities.
John Wayne Gacy
Students with documented disabilities are expected to identify themselves by
the end of the second week of classes to enable reasonable
accommodations to be provided.
Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the
impact of a disability should contact the Disability Services (DS) office
immediately to register for services and receive a Notification of Disabilities
form. Once you have this form, we will meet privately, to discuss your specific
Talk with Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities to arrange your
test accommodations. Please call David Symonds, Coordinator of Disability
Services, at (315) 684-6349 for further information.
If you wish to use test accommodations for an exam please speak with me
the class before each in-class exam. Doing this will help me accommodate
you. Last minute arrangements will not be made. All tests must be
completed the same day same time or earlier than the test is scheduled. Any
other arrangements must be made by agreement between the student and
the instructor.
Gary Ridgeway, The Green River Killer
Laptops and Electronics:
Laptops are not to be used in class except
under unusual special circumstances. When
approved by the instructor, laptops may be
used during the classroom time but only for
current classroom topics and materials. If
laptop usage is authorized, the screen must
be situated at a 45º so the screen contents
are open for review. Access to the Internet,
instant messaging, or email during class time
is not allowed without explicit knowledge and
authorization of the instructor.
Special Note: If you can identify the serial killer in the last photograph for this
syllabus, you will earn a bonus of 20 points. To claim this benefit, you are to
send me a message on BlackBoard giving the name of the mystery killer.
Stating where he operated, known death toll, and modus operandi could
earn up to an additional 10 points.
Please turn off pagers, iPods, iPads, handheld devices and cell phones and
similar devices during class time. Only with advance authorization will the
instructor permit the use of other electronics.
You are not allowed to use electronic devices, have private conversations
with others, pass notes, and other distracting behaviors. If your focus is on
these unauthorized activities, do not come to class. Your disruptive behavior
damages the activities and discussions in class.
No one has permission to electronically (verbally,
photographically or in any other manner) record
any portion of the class under any circumstances
without permission of the instructor. Violators may
be required to leave the class and may fail the
Violation of this policy could result in the students’
removal from the classroom and no credit for
attendance for the day in class. If you intend on
using electronic devices without special
Dean Corll
permission, do not attend the class. Users without proper authorization will be
instructed to leave the class and will not be credited with the day’s work.
Academic Honesty:
Academic honesty promotes continued academic and occupational
success. Maintenance of academic honesty and quality education is the
responsibility of both faculty and students. Any assignment or test prepared in
or out of class (including those in all electronic media) submitted by a student
must be of the student’s original authorship. All quotes and paraphrasing must
be properly cited in accordance to APA formatting.
Juan Corona
Cheating and copying other’s work will not be tolerated; this also pertains to
copying homework assignments from other students. Representation of
another’s work as his/her own shall constitute plagiarism and will be dealt with
according to the student and faculty handbooks.
The presentation of work prepared for other classes – despite the topic or
professor – will be considered plagiarism – even if it is your own work!!! It is
plagiarism because you are trying to represent it as work prepared for this
class when it is not. This includes partial assignments as well as full papers.
Weekly assignments are designed to help you identify and learn the key
points of each class topic.
Assignments are due at the beginning of each class. No late assignments will
be accepted except in extraordinary circumstances as determined by the
instructor. Documentation may be required. If late submissions are
approved, ten points will be deducted from the
grade. No assignments will be accepted more than
one class late. Final projects and papers will not be
accepted late under any circumstances due to the
extensive preparation time.
On Blackboard’s content section, assignments may
be posted. To access details, click the hyperlink and
you will be able to review the information. Because
of this availability, there is no excuse not to complete
your assignments in a timely manner.
All written assignments must be typed with
BlackBoard’s number 4 font. Handwritten work will
not be accepted as attachments will not be
Jane Toppan
It is absolutely critical for you to complete your readings before each class
and it is strongly advised for you to read ahead. Some reading assignments
are larger than others and advance planning on your part will prevent the
homework from being too cumbersome for your schedule.
Essential principles will be discussed in class but it is very important for you to
raise questions on issues requiring clarification for your own benefit. Expect
topics addressed in your textbook to be on tests or in assignments whether
they are specifically discussed in class or not.
As part of class assignments, you may be required to submit source-based
papers. In other words, you are always expected to cite your sources. Some
of you may also elect to do a full research paper as a final project though it is
not advisable for those of you who have not yet taken ENGL 101. Below are
the rules and expectations for source-based papers held by the entire
Criminal Justice Department.
Expectations for Source-Based Papers
As part of this course, you will be asked to write an original resource paper.
Your instructor will specify what sources you can use, how many there must
be, and give you other specifics about the assignment. This sheet gives some
general expectations about resource-based papers that will apply to all your
classes in the Criminal Justice program. It is the faculty’s expectation that
you are aware of these expectations and will comply with them in all your
assignments that are based in sources (textbooks, books, websites etc.)
You should consider any formal writing that you have to do—in the classroom
or on the job—as a reflection of yourself and your professionalism. To be
considered a professional, you have to present yourself properly—in the way
you dress, in the way you interact with others, and in the way you write.
These general guidelines are to help you understand how to present yourself
in writing in a way that will allow others who look at the work to understand
that you aspire to be taken seriously as someone who wants to be a
professional in the criminal justice field.
1. The purpose of writing is for you to present your thoughts on an assigned
topic or question that are backed up by material you find in sources
(books, articles, websites etc.)
2. Any material you use from another source must be attributed. The
material may be directly quoted, summarized, or paraphrased. But if
the idea you are discussing is someone else’s, you must give credit to
that source in your writing.
3. You should use the citation system approved by the American
Psychological Association in your writing. For more information about
this system of citation, you can refer The American
Psychological Association also has software available for a one-time
lifetime access to assist you. There are other terrific websites available
and your librarian is always willing to help. In any professional writing,
failure to cite material properly is considered plagiarism, whether you
intended it to be or not. The lack of citation (quotation marks, page
reference etc) is what makes the writing plagiarized. It doesn’t matter if
you didn’t mean to plagiarize.
4. Using the APA style is a key part of doing this assignment and not
something “extra.”
5. To use APA style properly, you must give a proper citation for all source
material you use and you must include a list of “references” (all the
sources you used) at the end of your paper. There are very specific
formats for doing both these things and you are expected to follow
6. In addition to using APA style, your work should be free of spelling and
technical errors. You cannot rely on spell check to do your
proofreading for you as the program is not designed to discern
between similar words and define all grammatical errors.
7. The college’s policy on Academic Integrity sets the penalties for failure
to use source material correct. For the first offense, the penalty is failure
of the assignment. For any subsequent offenses, the penalty is failure of
the course. The full policy is given in the Student Handbook, which is
available online and will be followed in this course.
Tests and quizzes are scheduled and unscheduled. They are intended to
reinforce your knowledge and understanding of significant concepts and
materials. Make up tests and quizzes will not be permitted!
Wayne Williams
Final Projects:
One of the most valuable skills you can learn in college is to effectively do
presentations. As a result, your final project is to do a thorough and
fascinating presentation on a serial killer, applying all the theories and
information learned through this class. Since you are an upperclassman,
don’t plan on doing a short, superficial presentation to earn a good to
excellent grade. You are expected to go into extreme depth, truly studying
the individual, causation, modus operandi, impact and more. The simplified
material found on most websites will be insufficient. Bring your person alive
into the classroom. We will discuss details more in class.
It is likely this presentation will be done as a group. Working together is a
valuable employment skill.
You are expected to attend all presentations. A penalty will be invoked on
your presentation for every presentation you fail to attend. Some of these
presentations will be done during final week while others will be done during
class time.
Writing Assignments
During the semester, you will have various writing assignments. You must use
APA formatting for all written work. Written assignments will be evaluated on
the rubric below.
Mandatory Paper
You will be required to complete a research paper based on the required
Vronsky book. After reading the book, you must identify ten important lessons
learned. For each lesson, you must:
1. Describe the lesson and its implications fully – what is the lesson, how
does it show itself, what does it mean?
2. How this lesson is of use to investigators
3. Identify a serial killer who fits the lesson, explaining why you say so and
give examples to support your stance. Avoid using the example
provided by the author. The Moor Killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley
Important research paper grading notes for you to consider:

Excessive brevity will not work in your favor. Details, elaboration and indepth analysis is expected.
Remember this is a 300 level class. As a result, you are expected to do
more than repeat and regurgitate information. Critical analysis is
Research beyond the book is necessary to help with the investigation
and serial killer components. Multiple credible sources are required.
APA format with in-text citations and verifiable references are required.
You would be wise to start this project early in the semester. Late
submissions will not be accepted under any circumstances.
* Reference list
* All references on
list appear in
paper (0 – 1 error)
* All references in
paper appear on
list (0- 1 error)
* All citations in
paper are in
correct format (0 –
1 error)
Average to Good
B to C+
* Reference list not
alphabetical (2-3
* Some references
on list not used in
paper (2-3 errors)
* Some references
in paper not on list
(2 – 3 errors)
* Some citations in
paper are not
correct format (2-3
C- to D
* Reference list
* Few/no
references on list
appear in paper
(4+ errors)
* Few/no
references in
paper on list (4+
* No pagination
* Title page missing
or 4 + errors
* All citations on list
are in correct
format (0 -1 error)
* All needed
citations in paper
in place (0 – 1
* Title page &
pagination correct
format (0-1 error)
* Margins correct
*Some needed
citations in paper
missing (2-3 errors)
* Title page &
pagination have
several (2 – 3)
* Improper margins
(not 1”)
8 – 14 POINTS
0 – 7 POINTS
*Research not
appropriate to
course focus
* Hypothesis
* Research
question unclear
* Research
concepts unclear
* Research not
appropriate to
course focus
* Hypothesis not
* Research
question not stated
* Research
concepts unclear
15 – 20 POINTS
( Focus of
* Research is
appropriate to
course focus
* Clearly stated
* Clearly stated
* Clearly stated
0 – 7 POINTS
Content of
15 – 20 POINTS
8 – 14 POINTS
* Required number
of resources
* ALL resources
from approved
* Ideas are put
forth in a
* Paper reads as a
cohesive whole
* Missing 1 – 2
* 1 – 2 resources
from unapproved
* Ideas sometimes
not comprehensive
* Paper has 1 – 2
areas that lack
* Missing 3 or more
* 3 or more
resources from
* Ideas not
* Paper lacks focus
* Missing 2 or more
* Required number
of pages
* Missing 1 – 1 ½
0 – 7 POINTS
Grammar &
15 – 20 POINTS
8 – 14 POINTS
* Few errors in
grammar (2 or less)
* Few errors in
(2 or less)
* Multiple errors in
grammar (3 – 5
* Multiple errors in
(3 – 5 errors)
15 – 20 POINTS
8 – 14 POINTS
* Many errors in
grammar (more
than 5 errors)
*Many errors in
(more than 5
0 – 7 POINTS
Conclusions * Applicable to
Drawn And topic
Defended * Applicable to
* Applicable to
15 – 20 points
applicable to topic
applicable to
applicable to
* Not applicable to
* Not applicable to
* Not applicable to
8 – 14 POINTS
0 – 7 POINTS
**The instructor reserves the right to modify the syllabus during the course.
Killers in last 40 years
Read Vronsky chapter 1
Serial killer history
Read Vronsky chapter 2
Read Vronsky chapter 3.
Monsters, demons …
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