Expert Answer:ENG1B Saddleback Technological Unemployment How Te


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Expert Answer:ENG1B Saddleback Technological Unemployment How Te
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Compromising on a Position:
ASSIGNMENT: Choose an issue/topic with two strong sides (not something that people
don’t argue about anymore) then summarize the position of people who disagree,
summarize your position, and then conclude with a compromise for all sides.
Part 1: Argument for the opposition.
What does the opposition believe about this topic?
Why is their opinion valid?
Part 2: Argument for your position
What do you believe about this topic?
Why is this opinion valid?
Part 3: Compromise
What middle ground exists?
How could all people involved in this debate receive something to make them happier
without neglecting anyone?
For part one and two the same principles as the position paper apply. Write a paper
demonstrating reasons for a position (whether it’s an opposing position or your own). For
both the opposition and your position, provide evidence from sources to support the
stance. Use multiple types of support (examples, statistics, notable authority figures, etc.) to
SHOW your readers the rationale behind a position.
• 1″ margins and be double spaced in 12pt, Times New Roman font.
• Papers that are not at least 1,600 words cannot receive a grade higher than a “C”
• Proper MLA citation
• Arguments based on facts and statistics or anecdotes (examples/illustrating)
• No copy-pasting directly from sources without quotes (AKA Academic Dishonesty)
• Proofreading to avoid first or second person pronouns as well as informal text language
• All sources must be cited correctly on the last page of your essay under the title
“Works Cited.”

OFF-LIMITS: (Without my approval)
Recreational drug use
Drinking age
School uniforms
Money and happiness
Global Warming

Social media
Death penalty
Animal Testing / Animal Research
Cell phones
Violent Video Games
Gay Marriage
Putting the Introduction Paragraph Together:
Writing the introduction for a compromise paper Is a matter of accomplishing 5 or 6 things
depending on your topic. You can usually do these in the order of the following checklist.
1. Showing who is involved in what you’re talking about (Use number 2 from the previous
2. Catching the reader up on history only if people started arguing about your topic 30+
years ago. (Use number 3 from the previous page)
3. Summarizing the basic argument behind your topic in a simple understandable way (Use
number 1 from the previous page)
4. Stating your opponent’s arguments that you intend to prove in the essay (Edit number 6
from the previous page to CREATE COMPLETE SENTENCES)
5. Stating your arguments that you intend to prove in the essay (Edit number 5 from the
6. (Eventually, but not yet): Explaining what a good compromise might be
** Your introduction needs sources and citations.
** Your introduction is not allowed to say I, me, my, you, you’re, your, topic, or “people involved”
** Your introduction will not say “this review” or “this position paper”
** Your introduction may not show favoritism or bias in any way to either side of your topic
** Your introduction will not have a traditional thesis like you’re used to. Number 4 and number 5
will state the arguments that part 1 (your opponent’s side) and part 2 (your side) will make,
Over twenty thousand Oregonian students attend school at home (Horvde, 2013), and
according to Martin-Chang et al., the national number of homeschoolers was close to 1.5
million children in 2008. Hovde estimated that the numbers account for about 2.9% of the
total school-age population in the United States, a significant statistical proportion. Hovde
noted that while homeschooling has become a “fashionable choice” for young urban
professionals who want the best education for their children, including many in the Pacific
Northwest, the subject is still fraught with controversies about cognitive and social
development, governmental involvement, standards, and safety. Opponents of
homeschooling believe too much is often left up to parents, who can teach their kids
anything they desire and limit contact with other perspectives and environments.
Homeschooling is often associated with extremism, and potentially abusive situations are
harder to identify when the victims are isolated. Additionally, opponents fear that some
parents choose to homeschool reactively out of fear or displeasure, rather than making a
thoughtful choice based on their child’s needs. Proponents of homeschooling believe
homeschooled children are healthy and advanced learners because they receive one-onone attention and often have some degree of control over their own learning. They believe
parents can make the best choices for their children. Research and anecdotal evidence
demonstrate that these positive claims are true in safe situations but are lost in extreme
cases. [Insert compromise].
Note: Arguments can take up multiple paragraphs. One paragraph does NOT equal one
Second Note: I am not going to grade you down if you don’t follow this structure. But if you
feel worried about how to write this essay, aren’t sure you’re doing it right, or are worried
about your organization — you can use this structure.

Intro Paragraph

First Argument: (Argument A)
“One reason that [insert So What?] is that [insert summary of Argument A].”
If needed: Explain Backing for Argument A (All the information for the questions you
answered “yes”)
Explain all research: Summarize/embed, synthesize/extend, come to terms, illustrate,
borrow, and authorize sources.

Second Argument: (Argument B)
“Secondly, [insert summary of Argument B].”
If needed: Explain Backing for Argument B (All the information for the questions you
answered “yes”)
Explain all research: Summarize/embed, synthesize/extend, come to terms, illustrate,
borrow, and authorize sources.

Third Argument: (Argument C)
“Thirdly, [insert summary of Argument C].”
If needed: Explain Backing for Argument C (All the information for the questions you
answered “yes”)
Explain all research: Summarize/embed, synthesize/extend, come to terms, illustrate,
borrow, and authorize sources.

Conclusion Paragraph
Works Cited Page
Example Writing:
One reason that more girls should be encouraged rather than shamed for using birth
control is that it can help regulate female hormones and lead to several positive side
effects. Levels of hormones such as estrogen and progesterone are a product of genetics
that people have little natural control over (cite). For many women these hormones can be
too high or too low causing very painful, prolonged menstrual cycles, missing periods,
uterine bleeding, menopause like symptoms, weight gain, headaches, gallbladder problems,
or poorly functioning ovaries that could complicate the desire to conceive later on if not
addressed (cite). In a bloodwork study of 100 girls over 60% of them had very low or very
high levels of either progesterone or estrogen (cite).
• Explain all research that proves birth control can regulate hormones.
Secondly, birth control can help prevent certain diseases.
• Explain Backing for Argument B.
• Explain Research that proves birth control prevents diseases
Finally, birth control can decrease teenage pregnancy.
• Explain Backing for Argument C.
• Explain Research that proves birth control decreases teenage pregnancy
Last part of essay overview: What’s the compromise or middle ground? How could people
on both sides of the debate get something they want?
Do some research on:
• What’s been tried in order to fix/lessen/improve this problem/issue?
• Where was it tried?
• What if anything worked about all these attempts?
• What if anything needed improvement or caused unforeseen consequences?
• How could the compromise be similarly implemented or improved?
Reminder about plagiarism
It should be at least 1600 words total.
The intro should have sources.
2 quotes For each body paragraph
At least 3 body paragraphs, whatever is more comfortable to you

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