Expert Answer:Genre Paragraph with Model Analysis


Solved by verified expert:IN a Word DOCONE RIP ESSAY body paragraph AND The Core Elements of Your Rhetorical triangle in List Form:MessageGenreAudienceEthos of Rhetor (SOME projects have no rhetor- a movie script has not rhetor, but a speech does. The rhetor= the one who gives the speech).Historical and Cultural ContextThe following powerpoints are the course material about RIP Project. And the rest of documents are my previous works on the RIP Project. The essay need to have some outside sources. Thank you!


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Expert Answer:Genre Paragraph with Model Analysis
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1) Define genre.

2) Define genre conventions.

3) Name 3 genres of anything.

4) In your own words, explain WHY it is important to understand
genre and genre conventions within the context of a rhetoric

5) Define Rhetoric.

6) Define ethos, pathos, and logos.

7) In the rhetorical triangle we have talked about in class, there is a
bubble around the triangle. What is that bubble and why is it
The RIP Structure

The RIP Project = original written project you create to persuade an
audience of a particular message using a specific genre

The RIP Essay = an essay that analyzes WHY you made the rhetorical
choices you did in the project, and explores HOW you employed
knowledge of the rhetorical situation to be persuasive and effective.

The topic sentences of the RIP essay will be connected to the major
parts of the rhetorical situation (message, audience, ethos,
cultural/historical context, etc.)

See the model in Canvas where I’ve written 1,000 words outlining an
entire RIP essay
List of RIP Possibilities

The possibilities are endless, BUT the project must be written

You NEED a model text that you can hold up as a very effective and
persuasive example of the particular genre you are working in


Speech of some sort

Op-ed for Newspaper

Film review

News article

Film treatment/Screenplay

ANY written genre
Same Event: 2 Media News Stories

“On Friday Sean Spicer held a
press conference on Trump’s
executive order which created a
travel ban from 7 countries which
have proven to be national
security threats.”

Because this article is created for an
outlet favoring Trump, I used the phrase
“travel ban” which is more euphemistic
because it removes the aspect of the
religious nature of the ban, which courts
have already declared unconstitutional.
An important part of the historical context
is Rudy Giuliani’s live interview in which he
stated explicitly that Trump wanted a
Muslim ban, and asked him how to
accomplish that legally. In my second
news article, I point out that detail from
the historical context because that
author is trying to persuade their
audience that this ban was
unconstitutional, whereas this article is
trying to persuade readers it was a
necessity for national safety.
The RIP Audience

The audience is not hypothetical- they are real people with specific
demographics that are targeted very aggressively by a skilled rhetor (rhetor =

Here are demographics that you want to think about to best target your






Political Leanings

Religion/Special Interests

Geographical Location
Connection to the Theme?

Needs some sort of connection to The Exorcist Theme, but it can be

In our theme we have talked about many, many issues (science,
religion, psychology, horror itself, fear, addiction, belief, family
dysfunction, etc.)
Your RIP cannot have any connection to any other work you have
done in the past either during high school or in any of your UCI
To Do List

RIP Presentation: Everyone will do an informal RIP presentation in
class on Monday. You will explain briefly in 3-4 minutes your
preliminary idea for your RIP project. In Canvas, Complete the
following discussion: Week 7 RIP Presentation Notes (worth 4 points).
In it, list the following: what is your message, your audience, the
genre of your project, the ethos of the rhetor, and the
historical/cultural context of the project (what month/year and
what matters about the cultural atmosphere of that moment).
Week 8: Outside

RIP Project and Essay Final Draft Due Sunday 3/17 by 11:59pm

Sunday of week 10 going into finals week
FINAL eportfolio due on 3/20 by 11:59pm
Minimum Requirement Reminders

RIP Project: 1000 words

RIP Essay: 1000 words and 4 outside sources

We are doubling the midterm portfolio- adding on in the same
place: 1500-1800 more words in the introduction and 4 new artifacts
RIP Outside Sources- 4 required

Use an outside source to reflect a cultural trend– see my NY times

Use an outside source to explain a genre convention- see my
toothpaste commercial script model

Use an outside source to identify key audience demographics

Use an outside source to reinforce a particular rhetorical appeal
used in the project- Pathos of fear in the NY times model
RIP Essay TS’s

All RIP essay topic sentences should correspond the various parts of
the rhetorical triangle OR ethos/pathos/logos


Historical/cultural context

Genre and genre conventions



To Do List

Upload to Canvas Assignments Section: Week 9: RIP Essay Building.
Worth 6 Points. Due Tuesday by 2pm.

IN a Word DOC

ONE RIP ESSAY body paragraph AND The Core Elements of Your
Rhetorical Triangle in List Form:




Ethos of Rhetor (SOME projects have no rhetor- a movie script has not rhetor,
but a speech does. The rhetor= the one who gives the speech).

Historical and Cultural Context
Surname 1
RIP Essay Body Paragraph
In the review of the book exorcism, I used both pathos and logos to engage my audience
as I tried to make them understand the fact that children suffer in dysfunctional families. I began
my analysis by presenting a realistic image of the dysfunctional family as portrayed in the story
exorcist. When I describe Chris McNeil as a divorced mother who separated from her husband
who is an actor, I brought both emotional and logical appeal that could feel and see the picture of
a dysfunctional family at the same time. Going further, to create a more realistic picture of a
dysfunctional family, I continued to explain the possible reason which might have made
McNeil’s family dysfunctional, by demonstrating that her marriage probably failed because of
her over-emphasis in an acting role that she forgot her responsibilities as a woman. I am merely
trying to make the audience have even a more profound understanding of what causes divorce in
contemporary society both emotional and factually. This statement would be sensitive because of
the feminist attitude that modern women have that they too should work. However, it is also a
fact that such beliefs can lead to divorce.
Going deeper into the analysis, I sued the life of Reagan and McNeil to emotional
influence the audience to understand the consequences of a dysfunctional family. By describing
McNeil going wither daughter to Washington DC for a movie shoot, I was trying to make the
audience feel how it can be challenging to raise a child as a single parent when you have to work
Surname 2
and parent concurrently. Giving the account of Reagan where she is possessed with demons, I
was able to bring horrific feelings about the consequences of dysfunctional families in children.
RIP Project Rough Draft
RIP Project Rough Draft
Audience: Adults aged between 18 to 30 years who are likely to get married
Message children suffer in dysfunctional families
Ethos: Book critic exorcists
Perhaps looking at the life of Chris McNeil, one can probably see her as a failed mother.
However, the truth is that the author of this book uses this character to s address important aspect
in contemporary social life. The family is one of the social institutions that play a significant role
in the growth and development of a child. The primary function of the family is to ensure that a
child gets basic needs such as food, clothing shelter. It is also essential that family should
provide for the emotional and psychological needs of the children such as love and protection.
Children who come from properly function families witness active growth and development,
physically, emotionally and psychologically. It is unfortunate that not only families are
functional; some families are unable to deliver on their primary functions and therefore become
dysfunctional. Several factors act independently or collaboratively to render most families in
contemporary society dysfunctional. For instance, many families find it challenging to deliver on
their primary mandate because of either poverty, conflicts that automatically lead to violence and
subsequent divorce.
If a family becomes dysfunctional, there is a likelihood that children will suffer, many
children from these families cannot meet their basic need such as food shelter and therefore
survive in pathetic conditions. Because these children cannot receive basic needs, some of them
end up living in the streets trying to live. It is unfortunate that society often pays little attention
to the emotional suffering that these children encounter. However, it is true that they are
emotionally and psychologically affected by the separation of their parents
The book exorcist, the author expresses this entire point. The author uses several
characters and contexts to give a picture of a dysfunctional family and its consequences. Using
the life of Chris McNeil, the book clearly shows how a dysfunctional society resembles. For
instance, Blatty describes McNeil as divorced mother separated from her husband who is an
actor (Blatty, 2011). In this section, the author seems to be informing the audience that divorce is
one of the significant factors that contribute to the breakage of many modern families. After the
divorce, many parents have to struggle to raise their children alone. The author uses the instance
where Chris has to take her daughter to Washington Dc where she is to participate in a movie
While it is true that divorce affects many marriages, several factors can lead to family
divorce. The challenge that modern families face is the change of roles where affirmative action
is seemingly empowering women to take up more tasks previously dominated by male. As such,
modern women seem to abandon their traditional motherly responsibilities, which eventually
lead to breakups in marriage. Considering the book exorcist, the author describes McNeil as
mother dedicated in her acting role (Blatty, 2011). Perhaps, the author is trying to communicate
that McNeil’s overemphasis on acting than the family could have led to their divorce.
Using the character Reagan, the story exorcist tells us much about how children from
dysfunctional families suffer. By showing Reagan as possessed with demons, the author portrays
the mental problems that face children from dysfunctional families. However, this is just an
example, children from such families experience emotional and also physical issues to do with
their health.
Blatty, P. (2011). Exorcist. New York: Transworld Publishers
Surname 1
My Model: Children in Dysfunctional Families Suffer
When beginning to handle my assignment my writing begins as an essay probably
because my writing style involves making a flowing argument about the situation. At the first
sentence of my work, you can see my thesis statement. “In the review of the book exorcism, I
used both pathos and logos to engage my audience as I tried to make them understand the fact
that children in dysfunctional families suffer.” In this first sentence, I have practically
summarized and given a brief description of the issue I will be handling in the whole paper.
At the beginning of my first argument, even though the flow of the work makes it look
an essay, the worth choices indicate a perfect use of pathos and logos to attract the attention of
the audience. Consider the following statements “Chris McNeil is a divorced mother who is
separated from her husband who is an actor.” This statement shows how several words were
employed to brig logos and pathos appeal at the same time, for instance, using the word
“separated from her husband” makes someone to have a real picture of what divorce is. However,
using the word “Mother” brings emotional feelings of some with children.
As I looked more in-depth in the cause of divorce, one can feel that the flow of the flow
of the argument makes it look like an essay. However again, the description given brings an
emotional appeal to the audience. “McNeil’s marriage failed because of her over-emphasis in her
acting role that she forgot her responsibilities as a woman”. This statement trigger emotions
among the audience because the debate about the role of women in contemporary society is
Surname 2
controversial and therefore, the audience would probably receive this statement with mixed
feelings and reactions. This statement was meant to trigger emotions and of both the feminist and
those who believe in male dominance.
Finally, while dealing with the last part of this assignment about the effects of
dysfunctional families in the children, I used particular words that would emotionally trigger fear
and sympathy among the audience. For instance, in the statement “Her daughter Reagan was
possessed with the demons that she had to seek help from the doctors. However, the doctor could
not do anything, and therefore the priest felt the need of exorcising the demon.” Using a word
such as “demon” is horrific and brings fear. However, reading the whole statement of Reagans
suffering, the audience gets sympathetic.

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