Expert Answer:HUM 2020 Tallahassee Community College Concept of


Solved by verified expert:PLEASE FOLLOW THE BELOW ESSAY PROMPT EXACTLY. THIS IS A HUMANITIES PAPER!!!! PLEASE WRITE THIS PAPER LIKE A HUMANITIES-FOCUSED PAPER!!!!ALSO PLEASE REFER TO THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR GUIDELINES AND TIPS ON HOW THE PAPER SHOULD BE WRITTEN. PLEASE FOLLOW PROMPT INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY AND DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUT.WORD COUNT IS 700-800 (MAKE IT CLOSER TO 800 BUT DO NOT EXCEED) THANK YOU SO MUCH!The concept of “beauty” is a widely elusive and debated subject. Many philosophers and scholars claimed to have understood and tried to explain what makes something beautiful. But their explanations often differ greatly.Take on this objective yourself.How do you define beauty? Providing AT LEAST TWO EXAMPLES to support your assertion, offer a COMMENTARY on the qualifications, features, and justifications of beauty as you see it. In other words, present a subject that you find to be beautiful, EXPLAIN why you find this to be the case, and INDICATE how this judgment implies your larger definition of the term.

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Expert Answer:HUM 2020 Tallahassee Community College Concept of
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Humanities Essay Evaluation, Guidelines, and Common Writing Errors
In your essays, you are expected to investigate some aspect of the Humanities. There
will be essay prompt suggestions posted to the Canvas site, but you may also choose a
topic on your own, granted it applies to some element of our studies. You may wish to
analyze a single object that we study, or you could draw a contrast between different
objects (paintings, poems, history, etc.) considering their style, culture, or the intentions
of their creators. You may wish to write about some philosophical or religious idea, and
explore how a particular notion exists in contemporary society. Whatever subject you
choose to write about, your work will be evaluated in the areas detailed below.
Your essay should contain a direct assertion which is clear and evident from the outset of
the writing. You must demonstrate in your work, the capacity to analyze an idea through
arguments and commentary which grow from this thesis
Your essay should provide insight or interpretations concerning its intended subject
within the Humanities. Be sure that all facts and assertions are sound, and that your
judgments, supporting points, connections, etc., are effectively communicated.
Your sentences should be arranged with organization to provide clarity of meaning to
your work. The points of your essay should be separated into distinct sequences, and
transitions between these points should occur smoothly.
Your essay should be clearly written with few or no grammatical errors. The flow of
your writing should be smooth and offer little distractions to the reader. Be sure to
proofread your work appropriately.
Your essays are intended to examine a specific subject of the Humanities. However there
are numerous things to consider when writing in the Humanities. First, make sure that
your subject is clear. The topic of your essay should not be in question.
Your writing should offer some commentary upon the subject. This commentary should
follow from your thesis. Facts are important, but more instrumental to the quality of your
work is your ability to analyze the subject for the meanings that you find it to hold.
Your work should meet the proper length, between 700 and 800 words or 2 – 3 pages.
Avoid overusing self-referential terms and statements, e.g. “I think”, “I believe.” As the
author of the work, the fact that the thoughts and beliefs are yours is a given.
If using outside sources, cite appropriately. (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)
AGR Agreement – Agreement errors occur when subjects do not agree with verbs and
when nouns or pronouns do not agree with one another in a related context.
Which of the following demonstrates proper agreement?
Comma Splice – Comma splice errors occur when two independent clauses are
separated with nothing more than a comma. The two independent clauses should
be separated by other means. Firstly, the two independent clauses can be
separated by a comma (,) and a conjunction, such as “for,” “and,” “nor,” “but,”
“or,” “yet,” or “so.” Secondly, if the two independent clauses are parallel in
structure, they can be separated by a semicolon (;). Thirdly, the two independent
clauses can be separated by a period (.). They should not be separated with
nothing more than a comma.
AWK Awkward – Awkwardness results when authors write in a clumsy, unclear, or
confusing manner. Awkward sentences are not necessary grammatically
incorrect, but they could have been better composed.
Capitalization – Capitalization errors occur when writers capitalize words they
should not, or when they fail to capitalize words they should.
COH Coherence – Coherence problems occur when writers arrange words in a manner
that renders the meaning obscure or incomprehensible.
Case Case – Errors in case typically occur when authors confuse the subjective form of
pronouns with the objective form of pronouns.
FRAG Fragment – Fragment errors or incomplete sentences occur when sentences lack
a subject, a finite verb, or a completed expression.
Fused Sentence — A fused sentence error occurs when two or more independent
clauses are joined together without the appropriate punctuation: a period (.), a
semicolon (;) if the two sentences are parallel in structure, or a comma with a
coordinating conjunction (“, and…).
Italicization – Writers should italicize the titles of books, lengthy musical works,
lengthy poems, plays, works of art, and foreign words or phrases.
Logic Logic – Logical errors occur when premises do not properly support arguments.
Which of the following does not present a problem with logic.
Misplaced Modifier – Misplaced modifiers are words, phrases, or clauses that
are not properly located in a sentence and, therefore, create confusion.
Person Shift – Person shift errors occur when writers switch to a different
“person” in a sentence or paragraph.
PUN Punctuation – Punctuation errors may be of any of a great variety. Writers, for
example, may not know to properly punctuate a list of items, or they may use
colons or semicolons inappropriately.
REF Reference – Reference errors occur when writers fail to clearly identify the
subjects about which they are writing.
Run-On – Run-on sentences join more than two independent clauses together by
means of conjunctions.
Spelling Error – Spelling errors occur when authors do not compose words with
the proper letters.
Spell Out – Spell out errors occur when writers do not use complete words. For
example, in formal writing authors should not use contractions such as, “it’s,”
“can’t,” “won’t,” “don’t,” et cetera. Also, when writing in the area of humanities as
opposed to technical areas, authors should generally spell out whole numbers
from one through one hundred. Dates and other numbers higher than one hundred
may appear in numerical form.
Verb Tense Shift – Verb tense shift errors occur when authors do not
consistently indicate when action takes place. Authors should be consistent in
their use of verb tense.
WW Wrong Word – Wrong word errors occur when authors misuse words to convey
a meaning which the words do not carry.

Quotation — Errors in quotation may include failing to acknowledge that one is
quoting, neglecting to close a quote, quoting material inexactly, or neglecting to
block quote material that runs for more than three or four lines.

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