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Solved by verified expert:- missing abstract (heading) it should be before the introduction no more than 200 words.- the introduction needs work I attached a PDF file go the 8th slide for a reference on how to improve the introduction – missing methods (heading) it should be between the introduction and results- upload the question on turnitin and fix the grammar mistakes


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Expert Answer:Mtech Writing Assignment on Human Trafficking Home
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• What should we do about Problem X?
• Should we do Function X?
• Should we use Technology A or Technology B to do Function X?
• We currently use Method A to do Function X. Should we be using Method B?

Identify the problem or opportunity.
Establish criteria for responding to the problem or opportunity.
Determine the options.
Study each option according to the criteria.
Draw conclusions about each option.
Formulate recommendations based on the conclusions.
Criteria and
Criteria and
Total Score

the front matter
letter of transmittal
title page
table of contents
list of illustrations
executive summary
the body of the report
the back matter
glossary and list of symbols


What is the subject of the report?
What is the purpose?
What is the background?
What are your sources of information?
What is the scope of the report?
What are the most significant findings?
What are your recommendations?
What is the organization of the report?
What key terms are you using in the report?

Methods. What did you do?
Results. What did you see or determine?
Conclusions. What does it mean?
Recommendations. What should we do?
Montana Tech
Human Trafficking is an illegal business practice that entails obtaining and trading people
for compelled labor or for commercial sex acts through coercion or the use of force. Despite the
fact that it is one of the most lucrative businesses all over the world, there are a lot of ethical
issues surrounding human trafficking. It is usually referred to as a business practice that
encompasses stealing people’s freedom for profit. Even though human trafficking has been
criminalized in most parts of the world, this business practice still persists. This is so since
UNICEF estimates that currently there are around 21 million trafficked people all over the world.
Additionally, it is estimated that this business practice generates $32 billion in profit annually
(Uchab, 2018).
The increase in the number of people who are trafficked year after year clearly points to
the fact that current measures put in place to bring an end to human trafficking are ineffective.
For this reason, there is a need to come up with more effective ways that will bring to this illegal
business practice. This can only be achieved if the negative effects of human tracking are
understood by those tasked with bringing an end to human trafficking. This can be achieved by
answering two of the most essential questions which are, what are the ethical issues relating to
human trafficking? And based on these issues how do we put an end to human trafficking? In
this paper, ethical issues relating to human trafficking will be discussed, in order to be able to
determine the best way to bring an end to this illegal business.
There are several ethical issues relating to human trafficking. These include victims being
deceived by human traffickers, little regard to the rights of the victims of human trafficking as
well as victims being forced to do things against their own will.
Deception by human traffickers
In most cases of human trafficking, victims tend to be deceived by human traffickers into
believing that traffickers have their best interest at heart. Deception is meant to prevent the use of
force in getting victims to give into being sold for forced labor or sexual acts. This is so since
through deception victims willingly give into human trafficking without knowing that they are
being trafficked. To some extent, deception enables traffickers to be able to control their victims.
This is so since victims who have been deceived, end up not objecting to any demands from
traffickers (Russell, 2017).
The main reason as to why victims of human trafficking are easily deceived by human
traffickers is because of lack of knowledge. This is so since there are individuals in most parts of
the world who are not aware of the fact that people can be sold for money. For this reason,
whenever they are approached by human traffickers, they easily buy into their promises without
knowing that they are being deceived. An ethical principle that is not adhered to by traffickers in
their practices of human trafficking that results in victims either being subjected to forced labor
or sexual acts is a failure to obtain informed consent from victims. This is so since even though
victims may give into their approaches, this is only achieved through deception.
Violation of the victim’s human rights
The two victim’s human rights that traffickers violate include the right to life as well as
the right to liberty. This so since traffickers do not usually care about the wellbeing of the
victims. Their utmost priority is to ensure that victims make it to a destination where they will
end up being exchanged for money. For this reason, after a victim has been acquired by a human
trafficker, they end up being subjected to inhumane conditions. This is usually meant to ensure
that the victim will not end up being costly to the trafficker so as to be able to generate higher
profits per given sale. The living conditions that victims are subjected to by traffickers tend to be
life-threatening. This is so since most of them lose their lives before even reaching a given
destination where they are supposed to be sold. Other than in transit, victims are also subjected to
tough living conditions after being sold. They end up being used by those who purchased them in
ways that put their lives in danger. An ethical principle that is violated in this case by traffickers,
as well as those who buy people, is the principle of non-maleficence which obligates us not to
harm others (Russell, 2017).
Victims subjected to forced labor as well as commercial sex acts
After a person has been sold by a human trafficker, they end up being subjected to hard
labor with no pay or to commercial sex acts. This, in turn, results in victims not only being
traumatized but they may also suffer life-threatening injuries. Money generated through this
inhumane acts goes directly to the person who purchased them.
In some instances, victims end up working for well-established enterprises. However,
failure to do a thorough background check makes it difficult for these enterprises to be able to
realize that some of their employees are victims of human trafficking. This is usually attributed
to the fact that victims end up being employed in a low-level position in these enterprises that do
not demand a thorough background check before being offered employment. In return, these
enterprises end up supporting acts of human trafficking unknowingly by enabling traffickers to
be able to get returns from such inhumane acts (Haker & Cahill, 2011).
In summary, human trafficking is not only an illegal business practice but it also has
several ethical issues relating to it. This is so since victims of human trafficking not only end up
suffering in the hands of those trafficking them but also in the hands of those who purchase
them. Their dignity is violated to the extent that they end up being reduced to commodities rather
than being treated as human beings. For this reason, there is a need for drastic measures to be
taken in order to end this illegal business practice.
However, considering the fact that it is one of the most lucrative illegal businesses,
measures to be adopted should not only seek to stop traffickers but they should also seek to
empower potential victims in an effort to make it difficult for traffickers to be able to lure
victims into human trafficking.
There are several measures that can be utilized to be able to put an end to this illegal
business of trafficking human beings. This included creating a worldwide awareness campaign to
enlighten people with regard to the existence of human trafficking, imposing tougher
punishments to human traffickers, as well as striving to alleviate poverty all over the world.
A worldwide awareness campaign about human trafficking
Considering the fact that most victims end up being trafficked simply because they are
easily deceived by human traffickers, worldwide awareness campaigns about human trafficking
will be of the essence in reducing incidences of human trafficking. This is so since people tend to
be easily deceived simply because they lack the much-needed knowledge to be able to detect the
deception. This implies that if potential victims are made aware of the tactics that human
trafficker use to be able to lure people into human trafficking, they will end up being in a
position to detect when they are being deceived by a human trafficker.
These campaigns can be carried through advertisement over platforms that can easily
reach as many people as possible worldwide such as social media platforms or by ensuring that
governments all over the world take the initiative to make knowledge relating to human
trafficking part of the curriculum in schools in their respective countries (Preble & Basham,
Tougher punishments to human traffickers in every single country
Incidences of human trafficking have kept on increasing year after year simply because
perpetrators do not receive the punishment they deserve. This is so since even though there are
numerous incidences of human trafficking that get reported, only a few traffickers have ended up
being punished. Additionally, in most countries, the punishment that human traffickers receive is
quite lenient considering the fact that they violate the rights of the victims.
World organizations such as the United Nations should ensure that all member countries
should impose tougher punishments to those involved in human trafficking. Such punishments
will discourage those intending to be part of this illegal business. Additionally, if every single
country all over the world imposes these punishments, then traffickers will end up not having a
safe haven where they keep on practicing this illegal business with little to no consequences.
Reduction of poverty levels all over the world
Most victims of human trafficking come from countries in which the majority of the
people live below the poverty line. This is attributed to the fact that they are easily lured into
human trafficking by traffickers with a promise of a better future. Therefore efforts to reduce
poverty levels all around the world will be of the essence in reducing incidences of human
trafficking. This is so since people will end up having no reason to believe that there is a better
future elsewhere if they can easily realize their dreams in their own countries (Russell, 2017).
Adherence to ethical standards by companies
Lastly, every single company should be made to adhere to high ethical standards in their
day to day operations. One way to do so is by ensuring that companies should adhere to all rules
and regulations at all times. This will, in turn, reduce the chances of providing employment to
victims of human trafficking who tend to be under intense duress from traffickers not to reveal
their true identity (Preble & Basham, 2016).
Haker, H., & Cahill, L. (2011). Human trafficking. London: SCM Press.
Preble, K., & Basham, R. (2016). Human Trafficking: An Exploratory Review of Awareness and
Training Videos. Journal Of Human Trafficking, 2(3), 221-234. doi:
Russell, A. (2017). Human Trafficking: A Research Synthesis on Human-Trafficking Literature
in Academic Journals from 2000–2014. Journal Of Human Trafficking, 4(2), 114-136.
doi: 10.1080/23322705.2017.1292377
Uchab. (2018). Human Trafficking Is A Pandemic Of The 21st Century. Retrieved from

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