Expert Answer:Peer review


Solved by verified expert:Read the two short team reports in the attached file and complete the following questions: Apx 50 words for each questions 1) things that you like and appreciate in each report (including your experiences similar to that), and 2) things to improve in each report

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Expert Answer:Peer review
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Read the two teams report below and tell me: Apx 50 words for each questions
(you have to do the same for both team reports)
1) things that you like and appreciate in each report (including your experiences similar to that),
2) things to improve in each report (be respectable)
Guideline the team should’ve followed:

Introduce your organizations
Depth of team research (interviews and/or archival data)0
Identify an OB-related issue/phenomenon
Describe your analysis of the case of an exemplar
Describe your analysis of the case of a failure
Analyze differences between the two organizations (use of theories)
Make recommendations for both organizations (research evidence)
Writing coherence and conciseness
Writing accuracy and clarity
Team one:
The two organizations our units will be examining are Quicken Loans and United Shore.
Both companies are well known mortgage lenders, especially in the metro-Detroit area.
Quicken Loans is private mortgage lender that was founded in 1985, and is formally
known as Rock Financial. The company was founded by Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Ron
Berman, and Lindsay Gross. Quicken Loans is unique in that it is mostly focused online. They
even have an exclusively online extension of the company called Rocket Mortgage. Most
traditional mortgage lenders are confined to a specific state or county because of varying
regulations, but Quicken Loans was able to offer the application online and had its different
employees who were versed in the regulations of each state who could assist them. Quicken
Loans is also unique because they own a lot of space in Downtown Detroit. A lot of people give
the business credit for helping start the revival of the city because it started utilizing many empty
spaces near the Campus Martius region. Quicken Loans is the nation’s largest direct-to-consumer
mortgage lender, with over 24,000 employees nationally and it continues to grow. The company
is also known for its unique culture and has ranked #14 on Fortune 500’s best places to work.
From what I have read, the company seems to thrive on collaborative work and strives toward
providing good customer service while trying to support their employees. In order to further
examine this company, (One thing I wanted to point out is that this is a group paper, there
should not be any me, my or I so please write something about that) my team has conducted
several interviews with current and former employees and have done research online and through
news articles, and reading reviews from employees on different websites.
United Shore is another large scale mortgage lender in the Metro-Detroit area that has
been growing since its start in 1986. United Shore is family-owned and operated. United Shore is
unique in the fact that it is the #1 non-bank purchase lender. This is different from Quicken
Loans because United Shore operates by working with different independent mortgage brokers
throughout the country who take the potential borrowers application, but they end up
underwriting, closing, and funding the loans through the partnerships they have with these
brokers. United Shore is located in Pontiac, Michigan and employs around 2,500 people. United
Shores culture is also interesting because they have a “Firm 40” rule which states that no
employee can work more than 40 hours in a week. This is interesting because a lot of people in
the mortgage world can work crazy hours, sometimes up to 70 hours during a busy season,
including nights and weekends. Their culture seems to pride themselves on balance in the
workplace, with a campus that boasts a grocery store, fitness center, cafeteria, and arcade room.
Just like with Quicken Loans, we examined company through conducted interviews with current
employees and have done research online, as well as reading reviews from employees on
websites like
Our goal in examining these two companies is to discuss which of these companies better
understands and promotes work-life balance organizationally. We will look closely at the
treatment of employees, different amenities, and how employees are affected by work-life
In order for organizational life to be one of comfort for both employees and employers,
an organization should have a positive environment and culture, and especially a positive worklife balance. Work-life balance allows employees to work so they can provide for themselves and
their families, and also live their own lives without having to sacrifice large aspects of their life
to fulfill job expectations. In the past, the idea of work and life were two separate entities. A man
was seen as the “breadwinner,” and a woman was seen as the “homemaker.” However, as times
changed, so did the attitudes of individuals. Both genders were actively present in the workforce,
and now important events took place in both work and at home. Theories were proposed, in the
1970’s, which assumed that, “work events affected the events at home and vice versa” (Clark,
2000). The Spillover theory argues that “workers’ experiences on the job carry over into the
nonworking arena and possibly vice versa” (Staines, 1980) and the compensation theory argues
that “an inverse relationship exists between work and family such that people make differing
investments in each in an attempt to make up for what one is missing in the other” (Clark, 2000).
These are the two theories tested to demonstrate the effect of work-life balance or imbalance.
Research conducted showed that there were positive correlations between general types of
activities engaged in at work and corresponding types of activities in nonworking (Staines,
1980). The research completed, and the theories proposed, emphasize that work life and family
life influence one another. They cannot be treated as separate entities. There should be a balance
between the two in order to be most successful.
Finding a balance between work and home life is crucial. Without a balance amongst the
two, employees can find themselves lacking in job satisfaction and productivity while employers
may find high turnover and a stagnancy or loss in profits in their organizations. However, when
correctly implemented, work-life balance policies and arrangements in organizations can have
many positive outcomes for both employees and employers. In fact, paid leaves and unpaid
leaves provided by companies have demonstrated positive outcomes both for employees such as
higher job performance and higher salaries; and for organizations, attraction and retention of top
talents. Those policies aim at reducing employees’ work-life conflicts and the negative impact
they can have on their work. In addition, organizations can assure that employees are supported
and treated kindly. These work-life policies have been shown to translate into greater work
effort, increased commitment, loyalty, and retention (Bourdeau, Ollier-Malaterre, & Houlfort,
2019). With this type of performance, organizations should strive to obtain a work-life balance
for their employees. Not only would this increase employees’ job satisfaction, but also their
productivity. Assuring that there is a positive work-life balance benefits both the employee and
employer and this is especially true today.
The topic of “work-life balance” is of importance in our group because it is 2019 and our
society requires juggling a lot of different things. There are some people working who are also
students, perhaps juggling multiple jobs that require their lives to be especially balanced. These
individuals need to be able to have that work-life balance in order to keep up with what they
need to achieve while performing their job(s) correctly. In addition, a healthy work-life balance
helps prevent burnout and reduces stress. To do well in a certain area, such as in college or at
work, one must limit their stress in any way possible and reduce the likelihood of burnout. Doing
so would result in positive attributes as mentioned above. To be successful and productive
requires you to have balance in your life. This is why the topic of work-life balance is significant
in organizations and even personally in our group. Below we will discuss the impact of work-life
balance on employees in two well-known mortgage companies; Quicken Loans and United
Shore. We will provide interviews as well as further research on how the work-life balance is
perceived in these companies.
United Shores is an exemplar organization that other mortgage industries should follow.
Research conducted consisted of employee interviews, organizations website, and reading
reviews by former employees on To achieve an unbiased review it would be best to
learn from both current and former employees. What makes this company stand out from the rest
is the treatment of employees and this is a huge key to their success.
United Shores has been a family owned business and wanted it to feel like that for everyone that
enters their doors. They wanted to build their business off relationships and not transactions. I
believe by basing their customer service off relationships standards, it allowed employees to
respect and enjoy their jobs more, as they now have relationships with not only coworkers but
clients too, creating more loyalty overall to the organization.
United Shores culture is rated highest from its former employee’s, with a rating of 3.6 out
of 5, shown on Crain’s Detroit Business also had an article on “Why United Shores
Ranks in the Top in Culture”. The 600,000 square foot building displays the company culture
and mission on the walls in a fun eye-catching way, to ensure it does not go unknown. In the
welcome center, they display awards won by the company and employees, along with
“Championship” banners and trophy cases to show the success United Shores has achieved from
the dedication of their employees and how much appreciation they have for their team
members. The CEO, Mat Ishbia, believes, “everything you can do on your way to or from work,
you can have at work.” Here are some other onsite benefits to make employees lives more
enjoyable and help aid in supporting a healthy work-life balance and main reason for offering:
Fitness Center free of cost.
Free yoga and Zumba classes
Bicycle rental station.
Outdoor sand volleyball court.
Full basketball court.
Indoor/outdoor putting greens
Doctor Office & Massage therapist
Hair salon
Large cafeteria
Convenience store
Tickets to Power Hour for Detroit Piston Games & DTE Energy music concert tickets
Escape room for team building activities.
Ping-pong table
United Shores wants their company culture to be a family atmosphere and this is one of
the reasons they rate so high in culture and work-life balance. United Shores understands the
importance of work-life balance. This is shown by their 40 hour rule motto, “Give me 40 hours a
week and the rest are yours.” United Shores believes work can and should be fun. The typical
hours are 10am-7pm Monday through Friday with no weekend and lunch is to never be eaten at
your desk. Mat Ishbia wants coworkers to mingle during lunch, which is the reason he supplies
other activities for them to bond over. The purpose of not overworking employees and
minimizing stress, which they do by providing them with many resources to enjoy and make
memories with their family, co-workers, and clients, is that overall the employees will be more
productive and have more drive to be successful.
United Shores urges employees to be involved in the community and family should be a
part of your work life too. To ensure employees can carry out both, United Shores offers family
events such as a once-a-year fair, where they rent an entire fairground. Employees can bring their
families to enjoy a day of free rides, games, and food and drinks. They also throw top-notch
holiday parties with live performances, allowing employees to get dressed up to the nine and
make adult memories. For community involvement, they host a Boonited Trick-or-treat event,
which consist of fully decorating the office and hosting over 1,000 kids and families to a night of
trick-or-treating. The thing that impressed me the most was that the CEO, Mat Ishbia, will say
“hello,” and talk to all employees throughout the day. It is also said that United Shores has an
open-door policy with leaders, and does stick to it, which also positively impacts employees. In
conclusion, we believe that United Shores is an exemplary organization when it comes to worklife balance because they focus on family relationships, have many helpful amenities, and
doesn’t overwork their employees.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, we will be examining Quicken Loans. With 34
years in the industry, Quicken Loans made an ascent to America’s largest mortgage lender, FHA
lender, and premier Veteran Affairs lender. Technological advances are to credit for the
company shifting from a traditional mortgage provider to an online-focused lender. According to
their website, by positioning themselves as an online-focused lender, Quicken Loans is able to:
• Allow consumers to apply for and check the status of a loan from the convenience of
their own home or office, 24 hours a day/7 day a week
• Eliminate paperwork, “middleman” steps associated with the traditional process
• Use online pre-qualification to accelerate the application process
• Offer low rates, reduced fees, instant comparisons and real-time quotes
• Provide immediate answers through personal consultation with a loan officer and
interactive tools
Quicken Loans has been recognized countless times in reference to great companies to work for,
most recently including: #14 in 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For, #14 in Fortune
100 Best Companies to Work For 2018, #10 in Best Workplaces in Financial Services &
Insurance 2018, #25 in Best Workplaces for Millennials 2018, #17 in People’s 2018 Companies
that Care list, #53 in Best Workplaces for Women 2018, #41 in Best Workplaces for Parents
2018, and #39 in Best Workplaces for Diversity 2018 .
While Quicken Loans has what seems to be an admirable track record with their
employees, there is an adverse side that is seldom mentioned. They found themselves engulfed in
a class-action federal lawsuit. In that case, Henry vs Quicken Loans, mortgage banker Ryan
Henry and 445 others sued Quicken Loans. It was claimed that Quicken Loans failed to pay the
employees overtime wages from 2003 to 2007. This was a direct violation of the Fair Labor
Standards Act. Work weeks beyond 40 hours are common for loan officers at Quicken Loans and
throughout the mortgage industry. A common trend amongst past and present employees are the
vastly differing points of view. Interview respondents were issued a quantitative oral-based
survey of eight open-ended questions. Unexpectedly, the responses received matched the
personal reviews provided online. There was a 50/50 split on responses, half of the respondents
stated that they “loved the job” and saw no flaw, while the other half had contrasting views of
the “best place to work.” This same issue caused such differing views regarding the court case,
as they fall on different sides of the same legal point. Labor Laws site an exemption from
overtime requirements for sales-oriented positions. According to Crain’s; “The plaintiffs in the
case spent an average of 14 hours on the phone during a week that is almost 60 hours,” said Jeff
Morganroth of Morganroth and Morganroth PLLC in Birmingham, the firm representing
Quicken. He said overtime is paid to the “front line” staff who do cold calling, while the
mortgage bankers spend nearly all of their time keeping up on market conditions, calling real
estate agents, checking on the loans in their pipeline, and trying to figure out the best loans for
clients. He continued to say,” Furthermore, Morganroth said the Quicken employees are no more
salespeople than he is.” Luckily, Paul Lukas, the plaintiff’s attorney was able to shed light on the
“sales-oriented” side of Quicken Loans. This was also confirmed with the surveyed respondents,
who all cited that the job was a sales job overall.
Many of the respondents stated that they chose the organization because it was pitched as
an opportunity to make up to a six-figure salary, even without having a college degree. This pitch
has newer employees who were once bright-eyed, now strained and discouraged by what the job
has panned out to be. Many of whom have even responded stating they’re unable to fund their
expenses with their earnings from the job. By utilizing a series of emails and voicemails from top
level management, including Chairman Dan Gilbert and CEO Jay Farner, to their middle and
lower level management, Lukas was able to emphasize the promotion of: hard work equals
success, working long hours, and focusing solely on closing deals. While Quicken saw a win in
the circuit ruling, in 2015 the Supreme Court unanimously supported the Labor Department rule
from 2010 that stated mortgage-loan officers are indeed eligible for overtime pay. Company
spokesman Aaron Emerson stated in an email, “This ruling will have no effect on how Quicken
Loans pays its mortgage bankers. Quicken Loans offers its mortgage banking professionals a
salary, overtime and bonus pay.” In conclusion, we believe that Quicken Loans is a poor
example of work-life balance because they are difficult to get overtime pay from, they sell an
idea of a “six-figure salary” that is not easily obtainable in the company, and overwork their
With both Quicken Loans and United Shore, work-life balance plays a big role and it
seems to vary greatly. Knowing two associates who are both starting up, one from each
company, the difference between the two is astonishing. One thing I’ve analyzed between the
two mortgage companies is that United Shore has a better and higher HQC (high quality
connections). Having HQC’s in a company allows for better building and growth within
associates, and growth within the organization as a whole. Although they both provide a fun
work environment with the amenities both companies offer, the work life balance are not at all
For my friend Emily, she enjoys her time at United Shore. Mat Ishbia, the CEO,
emphasizes a healthy work-life balance, only making employees work forty hours, with the
option of overtime, and still allows employees to obtain their bonuses. This is an unique
approach in motivating employees which enhances the belief that desired rewards, being the
bonus, can still be achieved without having to overwork yourself. Another coworker of mine,
Tiffany, is now starting off at Quicken Loans. Tiffany has mentioned to me how she thinks it’ll
be a rough start and she will have to grind. With having to put in around seventy-hour work
weeks, she knows the potential income Quicken Loans can offer her.
United Shores CEO, Ishbia, prides himself on being a positive leader, and does well in
his position. From learning about leadership effectiveness in Chapter 5, Ishbia’s referent is
highly admirable and respected. This is from having a good reputation, being a family-ran
business man, and having good charisma. My friend Emily also noted that one thing United
Shore does that Quicken Loan doesn’t is that it invests in their employees and relationships.
Ishbia holds a strong vision for his company and holds it closely to him.
Another additional POS-related concept is thriving at work. This concept means that a
workplace provides employees a healthy work and social life balance. One way they do this is by
ensuring that the organization takes care of their employee’s health through energy management.
This also ties into cultivating positive identities. Another thing my friend Emily said was …
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