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Expert Answer:question answer?
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THQ 2 – Review Test 2
1. Write the molecular, total ionic and net ionic equations for:
AgNO3(aq) + KCl(aq) →
SrBr2 (aq) + K2SO4 (aq) →
Mg(NO3)2 (aq) + Na2CO3 (aq) →
BaBr2(aq) + Na2SO4(aq) →
2. Write the names and formulas for, at least, three strong acids and three strong bases
3. Assign the oxidation number to each element in the following species:
a) NaOH
e) H2SO4
i) NO3b) H2O
f) H2SO3
j) FeO
c) H2O2
g) CH4
k) Fe2O3
d) O2
h) CO2
4. What are the oxidizing and reducing agents in the following redox equations? Assign the
oxidation number to each element, and balance the equations when needed.
a) CH4 + O2 → CO2 + H2O
b) 2As(s) + 3Cl2(g)
+ O2
CO2 + H2O
+ O2
CO2 + H2O
5. A sample of gas occupies 350 mL at 10 ºC and 750 mm Hg pressure. What temperature will
the gas have at the same pressure if its volume increases to 460 mL?
6. How many grams of Oxygen gas (O2) in a 12.0 L container will exert a pressure of 712 mm Hg at
a temperature of 25.0 ºC? R = 0.0821 L.atm /K.mol
7. Calculate the density of ammonia (NH3) at 0º C and 1 atm. V= 1.00 L
8. Calculate the average speed of a neon atom at 29 ºC. R = 8.31 x 103 g.m2/s2.mol.K
9. A student prepares a sample of hydrogen gas by electrolyzing water at 25°C. She collects 112 mL
of H2 at a total pressure of 758 mm Hg. Vapor pressure of water at 25°C = 23.76 mm Hg,
(a) the partial pressure of hydrogen, (b) the number of moles of hydrogen collected
A 2.5 L helium balloon is filled at a florist’s shop. If the temperature inside the shop is 68°F,
what volume will the helium occupy after being left in an automobile at −5°F in the parking lot
for the day?
a. 1.6 L
b. −0.18 L
c. 2.15 L
d. 5.0 L
11. If
a deep-sea diver ascends to the surface (1 atm) from a pressure of 5 atm, the volume of the dissolved gas
bubbles in the diver’s blood will increase by a factor of ____ during the ascent.
a. 1
b. 5
c. 10
d. 15
A piston is holding 125 mL of gases at a temperature of 300 K and a pressure of 2.39 atm. What is the
volume of the gases if the temperature is increased to 500K and the pressure falls to 2.15 atm?
a. 125 mL
b. 139 mL
c. 208 mL
d. 231 mL
If an angioplasty balloon has a volume of 0.85 cm3 and contains an inert gas mixture at 0.95 atm at room
temperature (20°C), what is the resulting pressure of the balloon if the temperature is increased to 37°C and
the volume is reduced to 0.50 cm3?
a. 1.2 atm
b. 1.1 atm
c. 1.7 atm
d. 1.0 atm
14. If a hydrogen atom is excited from n = 1 state to n = 3 state, a) how much energy does this
correspond to? b) Is this an absorption or an emission? c) What is the wavelength of the photon
involved in this process in units of nanometers? What is the frequency of the light involved in this
process in units of s-1?
15.Calculate the energy of one photon of yellow light that has a wavelength of 582nm.
16. Write the noble gas configuration for the following species:
a) C
b) P
c) Na
d) Na+
e) F-
17. Write the complete set of quantum numbers of the last electron for the following elements:
a) He
b) O
c) Cl

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