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Solved by verified expert:InstructionsIn this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation of the project plan that you have been creating throughout this course. As you are creating the presentation, you will draw on assignments that you completed in Units III, V, and VI. Be sure that you have incorporated any feedback that you may have received from your professor. You will also be including information from the knowledge gained in this unit regarding international projects since you have been advised that there is a possibility of the project being repeated in your company’s branch office in another country. Please choose a country for this assignment, and conduct some research on the country’s culture and environment.Create the presentation from the standpoint that you will be presenting your finished project plan to your stakeholders.Your presentation should consist of at least 15 slides, not counting the title slide and reference slide. Your presentation should include the components listed below.Title slideProject name and project manager name (you)Goals of the project (reason for undertaking the project/anticipated benefits)Project cost estimatesProject structure (functional, matrix, or projectized) with a definition of the structurePeople/departments involved in the projectTimeline for completion (start date/estimated completion date)Work breakdown structure (WBS) of the projectThree of greatest risks in your project, their effects on the project, and your response to the risksParts of the project that will be outsourcedSix primary environmental factors that would affect the project when it is taken internationallyDescription of culture shock that may be experienced by employees who go overseas to work on the project and strategies for coping with itReferences slideSome general guidelines to follow whenever preparing PowerPoint presentations are listed below.Design your presentation with the back of the room in mind. It is important that everyone can easily see and read the content.Select a professional-looking slide design (appropriate for the presentation/audience). White text on dark background is the easiest for the audience.Use font size of at least 24.Use color and graphics when appropriate.Follow the 6 x 6 rule (no more than six lines per slide/no more than six words per line).Utilize the Notes function to add your talking points.Avoid complete sentences whenever possible; bullet points work best.Add slide transitions to enhance the audience’s experience.Make this a WOW presentation!Be sure that citations and references follow proper APA formatting. You must use at least three references for this assignment, one of which can be your textbook and two of which must come from the CSU Online Library.Textbook:Larson, E. W., & Gray, C. F. (2018). Project management: The managerial process (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.


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Unformatted Attachment Preview

International Projects
Course Learning Outcomes for Unit VII
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to:
3. Discuss guidelines for creating a work breakdown structure (WBS).
4. Develop a process for determining the critical path method (CPM).
5. Examine the challenges associated with international project management.
5.1 Identify the six primary environmental factors affecting international projects.
5.2 Describe culture shock and strategies for coping with it.
6. Explain the risk management process, including risk identification, analysis, and response.
8. Formulate a project plan to present to stakeholders.
8.1 Develop a PowerPoint presentation for stakeholders.
Learning Outcomes
Learning Activity
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit Lesson
Chapter 15
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit Lesson
Chapter 15
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Unit VII PowerPoint Presentation
Reading Assignment
Chapter 15: International Projects, pp. 544–571
Unit Lesson
For most project managers, the biggest difference in managing an international project is operating in a
national culture where things are done differently (Larson & Gray, 2018). For example, most developed
nations use the same project management techniques (e.g., critical path method [CPM], risk analysis, tradeoff analysis). However, how activity work is performed can be very different in the host country.
Project managers typically face a difficult set of problems: absence from home, friends, and sometimes
family; personal risks; missed career opportunities; adjusting to a foreign language, culture, and laws; and
adverse conditions that they are not used to dealing with. Working with virtual teams is a common
occurrence, regardless of whether the project manager is traveling.
Communication problems because of language differences often become a major problem in carrying out
even simple tasks. Although the use of translators can help tremendously, their use does not solve the
communication problems completely because something is often lost in translation.
BBA 4126, Project Planning
Projects are classified differently depending on the location of the project and UNIT
the customer
GUIDEis foreign
or native (Larson & Gray, 2018). Domestic projects are performed in a firm’s native
Title country, while foreign
projects for a firm are performed in a country other than its own. Global projects are executed by and for
several cultures in several different countries.
According to Larson and Gray (2018), there are six primary environmental factors affecting international
projects, which are listed below.
•Relates to laws and regulations in host country, possible government corruption, and political stability
•Capacity of a country’s military and police forces to prevent and respond to attacks
•Unique characteristics of the land area of a country
•Gross domestic product (GDP), labor supply, bartering, inflation
•Communication, transportation, power, technology and education systems
•Customs, values, philosophies, and social standards of the host country
Project managers should operate within the laws and regulations of the host country. Political stability and
local laws strongly influence how projects will be implemented. Government corruption is also a very real part
of international business.
To access the following resource, click the link below.
Larson, D. L. (Writer). (2009). Business culture: Contracts (Segment 10 of 11) [Video file]. Retrieved from
Click here to view the transcript for the video above.
Before embarking on international business travel, it is essential that you have at least a minimal
understanding of the country and the culture you are entering. A few of the key aspects of a country’s culture
include religion, dress codes, education system, holidays, daily eating patterns, family life, business protocols,
social etiquette, and questions of equal opportunity. Two of the biggest adjustments Americans typically have
to make when working abroad are adapting to the general pace of life and understanding the punctuality of
To access the following resource, click the link below.
Larson, D. L. (Writer). (2009). International business culture: Time (Segment 9 of 11) [Video file]. Retrieved
Click here to view the transcript for the video above.
BBA 4126, Project Planning
Culture is defined as a system of shared beliefs, values, and customs that bind
shared meaning and a unique identity (“Culture,” 2017a). Culture shock is a natural
Title psychological
disorientation that most people suffer when they move into a culture different from their own (“Culture Shock,”
2017b). The culture shock cycle has four stages, which are listed below.

Honeymoon: Begins with excitement and welcomes new and unusual experiences
Irritability and hostility: Begins to notice greater differences and frustration sets in
Gradual adjustment: Overcomes sense of isolation and figures out how to get things done
Adaption: Recovers from psychological disorientation and begins to function and communicate in new
culture (Larson & Gray, 2018)
Culture shock is generally considered a positive sign that the professional is becoming involved in the new
culture instead of remaining isolated in an expatriate ghetto. The significant question is how best to manage
culture shock—not how to avoid it.
To access the following resources, click the links below.
Larson, D. L. (Writer). (2009). Global business: Cultural sensitivities (Segment 5 of 11) [Video file]. Retrieved
Click here to view the transcript for the video above.
Larson, D. L. (Writer). (2009). Global business: Negotiating style (Segment 8 of 11) [Video file]. Retrieved
Click here to view a transcript for the video above.
Stress-related culture shock takes many forms: disappointment, frustration, withdrawal, anxiety, and
physiological responses such as fatigue, sleeplessness, and headaches. Stress is induced by the senses
being overwhelmed by foreign stimuli and the inability to function effectively in a strange land.
People have various methods for coping with culture shock. Some people engage in regular exercise, some
practice meditation and relaxation exercises, and others keep a journal. It is also important to redefine
priorities and develop realistic expectations as to what is possible. Creating stability zones is also an effective
way to cope with culture shock (Larson & Gray, 2018).
While working on the project, managers can reduce stress caused by culture shock by recognizing it and
modifying their expectations and behavior accordingly. They can redefine priorities and develop more realistic
expectations as to what is possible. They can focus their limited energy on only the most important tasks and
relish small accomplishments.
A Closer Look
The textbook addresses the two biggest adjustments Americans face when working with people of differing
cultures: the general pace of life and understanding the punctuality of people. A college softball coach got a
taste of this without leaving the country on a beautiful, sunny March day in the late 1990s.
Coach Weber spent 20 years coaching college softball in the upper Midwest. Early in her career, her team
was scheduled to play a double-header at a university several hours away. This was a small private institution
with a softball team made up entirely of athletes from a culture that traditionally does not place a priority on
punctuality. As Weber’s team arrived at the softball field that day, she spoke to the team before leaving the
bus as she normally would. In addition to the softball preparation details, she also talked about the cultural
differences the team may experience in their opponent that afternoon. Even though Coach Weber had
addressed the respect, accept, and appreciate your opponent issue before leaving the bus, the team was not
prepared for what came next.
BBA 4126, Project Planning
Weber’s team arrived at around 12 p.m. for a 2 p.m. start time. The team was UNIT
be fully
dressed and game ready before leaving the bus. The squad went through its normal
Title pre-game routine that
always included jogging, stretching, throwing and hitting drills, bunting, and defensive work. As game time
approached, it became increasingly intriguing that the home team had not yet arrived.
As Weber’s team was nearing completion of their pre-game activities at approximately 1:40 p.m., she looked
down the street and saw the members of the home team casually strolling down toward the field with their
uniforms in hand. There was absolutely no sense of urgency whatsoever. Their coach arrived at about the
same time. Weber’s team looked on in disbelief as team members arrived at the field, threw the ball around a
little bit, and then were seemingly ready to play! Granted, the game started a few minutes after the scheduled
start time, but once their players stepped inside the white lines and the first pitch was thrown, the home team
was in full-game mode.
The games that day were very competitive and fiercely contested. Following the games, Weber spoke with
the opposing head coach. His words confirmed the fact that this was their normal game preparation and
largely associated with their culture. Needless to say, valuable lessons regarding cultural differences were
certainly learned that day.
Culture. (2017a). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Retrieved from
Culture shock. (2017b). In Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary. Retrieved from
Larson, E. W., & Gray, C. F. (2018). Project management: The managerial process. (7th ed.). New York, NY:
McGraw-Hill Education.
BBA 4126, Project Planning
Unit II Project Topic
Project name:
Social Media Advertisement for Travel Medical Insurance Plans
Project manager name: Alicia Jordan
Project’s goal:
To raise awareness of the availability of travel media insurance plans to international travel
enthusiasts, and to win insurance contracts for the company.
Cost estimate:
The cost estimate is $500.
Project structure:
The project structure will be matrix. It will be a balanced matrix. I will work on the project fulltime as the project manager, with the supportive staff acting only part-time. I will need moderate
to high authority, low to moderate resource availability, and a mixed project budget.
People/departments involved:
The only departments that will be involved are the marketing department and the finance
Potential risks/issues to overcome:
First is the potential risk of security breach which will require firewall protection of the
company’s website and strong passwords for both the company’s website logins and Facebook
page logins.
Secondly, there is the risk of causing damage to the company’s brand reputation in the incidence
of the advertisements having a negative reaction from the audience. This can especially happen if
a competitor comes across the advertisement and decides to post a negative comment about our
company, with the intention of trying to lure the audience to choose his/her company instead.
Timeline for completion (start date/completion date):
The project is planned to start on 15th February 2019 and to end on 31st March 2019.
Project scope:
Project objective:
To create a social media advertisement campaign that will run from 15th February 2019 and to
end on 31st March 2019 at a cost of not more than $500, to raise awareness of the availability of
travel media insurance plans to international travelers and travel enthusiasts, and to win
insurance contracts for the company.
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube accounts
Social media marketer
Select the best social media marketer by 18th February.
Create social media pages and advertisements by 24th February.
Reach a minimum of one hundred thousand international travelers through the
advertisements by 30th March.
Technical requirements:
Skilled social media marketer needed.
Set up of social media tracking pixel to follow up on interested viewers of the advertisement
who did not request for the insurance.
Limits and exclusions:
Social media marketer responsible for designing the social media advertisements.
Specific targeting of the advertisement to be seen by only the people who travel
Advertisement to be viewed by at least 2,500 potential international travelers every day.
Reviews with customer:
Testimonials from customers who have already experienced the value of having a travel
medical insurance cover.
Project Stakeholders:
General Manager
Project manager
Social media marketer
Marketing department manager
Work breakdown structure (WBS):
The following details explain the key characteristics of the Work Breakdown Structure.
Hierarchical Levels- It contains three levels of work
Numbering sequence- It uses outline numbering as a unique identifier of all levels. Level one is
1.0, level two is 1.X (summarizes the level at which reporting is done), and level three is 1.X.X
(illustrates the work package level). Level four is the lowest class. It also illustrates the lowest
work package.
Level 1
Level 2
Plan and
Social media
t project
1.1.1 Create plan
1.2.1 Select
1.1.2 Make Budget
1.2.2 Select social
media marketer
1.3.1 Design
1.4.1 Set up
tracking pixel
1.3.2 Decide which
social media
platforms to use
1.4.2 analyse daily
1.3.3 Create social
media pages
1.4.3 Contact
interested Customers
Level 3
1.1.3 Co-ordinate
Level 4
1..3.4 Launch
Importance of the WBS:

It provides guidance on specific human resources and departments to be involved.

It provides information on how to link deliverables, organization units, and customers.

It provides information on how to provide for control.

It provides information on how to isolate problems to source.

It provides information on how to track schedule and cost variance.

It provides information on how to assign responsibility and budgets.

It provides information on how to focus attention on deliverables.

It provides information on how to provide information for different levels in the
organization (Larson & Gray, 2018, cited from Columbia Southern University, Unit II
Study Guide).
Project Plan Essay
Alicia Jordan
Columbia Southern University
Project Planning
For this project, Alicia Jordan will serve as the project team leader, leading a team of
dedicated members who will work hard to ensure that all the project deliverables are effectively
The leadership traits required for leading this project include being a clear communicator
to pass information to other team members, the team leader must also possess strong
organizational and analytical skills and demonstrate a high level of confidence in the team
members. Critical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills are also essential traits for a project
leader (Zhao, Hwang & Lee, 2016). The leader must be of high integrity, show respect and
kindness to others and always be ready to delegate duties. In addition, the team leader must be a
powerful negotiator and a facilitator of all the activities and deliverables in the project.
For effective implementation of this project, the project team will comprise of project
sponsors, a project manager, supervisors, technical assistance, experts in finance, auditing
information system, statistic, law, and project management t run the project. The project team
will also require casual labors to undertake unskilled activities during the project
To be a productive team member, one must be capable of working hard towards a
common goal embraced by the nature team. The team member must develop skills and abilities
that match those of other team members and effectively use the skills, gifts, time, and talent
Zhao, Hwang & Lee, 2016). In addition, a productive team member must embrace the diversity
of the team and remain positive to the diverse skills, knowledge, and expertise of the team
members. The productive team member must build the morale of the team from within and
remain productive with exemplary output and performance.
The team member must be ready to accept criticism and praise in equal measure and
always cooperate with other team members. A productive team member must utilize resource
efficiently and effectively and always sow a positive attitude towards the ideas of each other
(Larson & Gray, 2018). The team member must share the pride in success and accomplishment
and always remain positive to changes. He or she must resolve conflicts and communicate
openly with others. Above all, a productive team member must be ready to learn to help other
team members learn new ideas.
A successful project manager must demonstrate connect ability through effective
communication and listening to others. Also, the project manager must demonstrate respect for
both intrinsic and extrinsic relationship with other project stakeholders (Larson & Gray, 2018).
Moreover, a successful project manager must remain considerate to diverse opinions and ideas of
the project team in all aspect of the project implementation. He or she must demonstrate a high
level of collaboration with other project stakeholders.
In addition, a successful project manager must be resourceful and capable of finding
solutions to issues facing the project team. Resilience is a key trait that a successful project
manager requires to develop alternatives solutions to their situations (Larson & Gray, 2018).
They must also be creative and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to the project
implementation. Above all, the project manager must remain adaptable and quickly shift to new
ideas in case of an emergency or contingency.
The first condition that supports the development of a high-performing team is a
compelling direction which outlines the destination, vision, and mission of the team. The highperforming teams also require a well-thought-out organizations stricture that defines the chain of
command, coordination of activities and process. The structure enables the teams to divide task,
deliverables, and activities among themselves and assign responsibility and accountability to
each team member (Larson & Gray, 2018). Also, high performing teams require strong logistic
and financial support as well as access to information and other essential resources. Finally,
coaching is an essential condition for a high-performing team because it would facilitate
nurturing and training of the team members to achieve excellence.
Dysfunctional conflict within project teams can be managed using mediation where the
project manager negotiates from a common solution between the conflicting p …
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